This is a collection of all the books and resources on this website. It will take you a considerable amount of time to read all of them become some are the length of books. You might want to read first my article The Hidden Government that is Ruling the World through Visible Governments It’s short and based on all the material you see below.

Books and Articles about Romanism

Books and articles about Jesuitism

Stories from Charles Chiniquy

Books by Martin Luther


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  1. This is a hallmark list of important writings by credible sources, replete with proven facts, names, dates and places. Moreover, I am happy to visit the site because it presents its “products” without the use of witchcraft as found in modern advertising, business models and Web design which are spreading rapidly across (and have practically taken over) the Internet.
    I value this site and these offerings as genuinely good for the education — spiritual and practical — of the visitor. And I ask the reader to share the link with friends and associates.

  2. Hitchhiking Adventures in Japan, Exposing the Illuminati Masonic Zionist Jesuit Roman Popery New World Order. Your statement defines exactly what is on the back of the one dollar bill. This is the best resource for essential reading on History that I have come across. Keep on Keeping on!! In the faith of Christ.

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