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Jeff Rense Fukushima disinfo exposed — 8 Comments

    • Do you live in Japan? Come to Japan and see for yourself if Jeff Rense Isn’t making money through fear mongering. How many have been affected by the nuclear accident? The people who lived in a 20 miles radius of the power plant. Not me who lives 150 miles away, and certainly NOT YOU on the other side of the Pacific!

      I don’t think you have even read the article but merely glanced at it. If you did read it, you would see I am not making light of a bad situation but merely exposing the LIARS who are trying to make money off it.

  1. Karma is very precise sir and when you lie you are only going to hurt yourself””””Look for truth and Love it will set you free….Your attack on Jeff Rense is really an attack on your own darkness which is about to eat you…..

  2. Japan… I think you’re the guy spreading disinformation… I’ve done enough research on radiation for the last 30 years to know better.. You can run that crap to other people to ignore the evidence all around the country, and the thousands of people getting mysterious ailments on the west coast… But the intelligent people and the well informed can never be fooled… Have a good day.. Mr. Japan.. May peace be upon you.. And by the way.. I am also a Decorated Air Force Veteran… I know many people who still follow orders.. It’s a form of brain washing..

    • Back up your claims with some credible documentation, Mr.BB. “thousands of people getting mysterious ailments on the west coast… ” Where did you hear that from? Alex Jones? Jeff Rense? Some other sell fear for profit alternative media troll? I LIVE IN JAPAN!!! I have been to Fukushima MANY TIMES since 311! The Japanese are not saying what you are saying! And if the government is lying, WHY are they still in Tokyo??

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