Once upon a time I used to like to speculate on who the Antichrist might be. I was deceived by a Jesuit doctrine which is known as futurism, i.e. the belief that the Antichrist is a single person who will appear at the very end of man’s rule on earth, a “final 7 years”, or so they say. If you hold this view, please know that it’s a view held by Christians only since sometime in the 19th century! All Christians prior to that point identified the Antichrist as the papacy! Not convinced? Please check out the following articles and you will see why I believe what I believe about who the Antichrist is.

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Also see Walt Stickel’s article: Bench Marks of the Beast.


The Biblical Identity of the Antichrist — 5 Comments

  1. I am very much aware of the cancer of secret societies and find indifference and eye rolling as the most common response to my attempt to expose their agenda. They are in control as long as satan is allowed to rule this world

    • That’s what YOU say! The Apostle John talked about antichrist about 400 years after Alexander the Great died. He may have been a type of antichrist, yes, and especially if he proclaimed himself a godlike type of figure as the Pope does.

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