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  1. I certainly think the first Jesuit Pope rode to power on a coup d’etat. The system that clears credit and debit charges internationally was cut off to the Vatican a few days before Benedict resigned, and about one hour after he announced his abdication the connection was restored. Another story censored by Mockingbird Media that alt-media broadcast.

    Somebody else wrote that the previous conclave that brought Benedict to power, Bergoglio “gracefully” removed himself from consideration. Meaning, of course, the cardinals were not on board until the bankers sent the message.

    Interesting to me it took a coup.
    But let us not get lost in the misinformation campaigns. The Jesuits, Illuminati, the topmost echelons of the Masons, these are public faces of the same schemers and plotters and the “people of the prince that shall come” of Daniel 9. I got an invitation once to check out the “official” Illuminati web site. It was a pitch to join. It blasted at the Jesuits as if they were competition. Reminded me of Isaac Asimov’s “competing” Foundations, and Chavez-Maduro’s “loyal” oppostion.

    As to Ron Paul, I still don’t know whether he’s a real Mason, might be, but his campaign opened up a conversation about the institutions and philosophies that prop up the power of Satan’s human agents on Earth. And the Mises Institute and the blog http://www.lewrockwell.com proclaim an anti-government anti-power message.

    And the Ayn Rand Institute *hates* their philosophy. http://www.reason.com is the atheist “libertarian” web site and magazine, but Lew Rockwell welcomes Christian perspectives.

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