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A Method to Retrieve Data From a Failing Hard Disk — 3 Comments

  1. Similarly about 7 years ago I had a laptop that crashed and kept shutting off. Propping it up on its side on an open window ledge, where a jet stream of river air flowed, I was able to restore it with some software to DVDs. It took a few days but I got back everything.

    Coincidentally I have the same desktop in the pic. About 4 years ago, I found it by the side of the road. It kept getting error messages from the bios no matter what IDE hard drive I put in. It drove me nuts for a few days, then I tried putting an old unstable laptop hard drive in running XP and it worked fine. I put 2 more IDE hard drives and a blue ray burner in and use it to this day using XP. Unknown to most people, Blue rays do work on XP but with software Xbox360 threw away.

    Every upgrade from NT based XP I see, is really Bill Gates downgrading, driving people crazy changing the names of items and where everything is in the Operating System. When you train a dog you tell it to sit and stand up at the same time, much like how Gates trains people to buy unnecessary software.

    I’ve helped lots of people UPGRADE to XP from Vista and UPGRADE to Windows7 from Windows8.

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