• Much better security than Windows. It has a built in Firewall that not only blocks unwanted incoming traffic, but outgoing as well.
  • A normal Linux desktop PC does not need any resource consuming antivirus software protection.
  • Lots of useful software and utilities that comes with with the distribution. For example, Fedora and most other distribution includes the “whois” program that is used to look up IP addresses. This utility is not included with a Windows installation CD. It must be downloaded from a third party source.
  • Fedora not only updates itself from the Internet like Windows does, but it even updates all the installed applications that came with it! What can be better? No more searching for updates for my favorite apps from the Internet. What a time saver!
  • I am free and perfectly legal to make copies of my Linux installation CD and give them to anybody I want!
  • In Windows my USB mouse would stop working from time to time. I had to unplug the mouse and plug it back in to get it to operate again. This rarely happens in Fedora though I am using the same hardware setup as before.


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