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Japanese traditional drink for the new year: Otoso — 6 Comments

  1. I think you need to research just a little more sir. Otoso has -NOTHING- to do with Christianity.
    The kanji on the far right represents EVIL SPIRITS and the kanji on the left means TO DEFEAT. It is drunk by family members to protect against illness and misfortune for the coming year.

    Christians love to believe that their religion is loved by all and it the only truth, when they are really the most blind.

      • I was born and raised Japanese and I must say I agree with Ryuu who left the comment above. Otoso has nothing to do with Christianity. It is said that the ritual originally came from China… I suggest you do deeper research. Better yet, if you live in Japan, go talk to the priest at the nearest shrine. Japanese people cannot be trusted when it comes to Japanese tradition especially after what happened after the WW2. Good luck!

        • You say you were raised in Japan but I wonder how old you were when you left? If you had up to a high school education in Japan, you would know the kanji means exactly what I say they mean. And if you know anything about the Gospel of Christ, you cannot fail to see the significance of those kanji to the Gospel.

    • You sir obviously have no knowledge of Kanji! I showed お屠蘇 to my Japanese friend she said the left kanji means something killed and the right one means ressurection. You are flat out wrong. I live in Japan. Do you?

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