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Who is Greg Szymanski? — 7 Comments

    • I think it’s better to let Greg tell you that directly. Just listen to the short tape. Maybe if people are curious enough to listen to what he has to say about who Jesus is, they might recognize who Greg Szymanski is.

      • I started to listen to his tape but was running out of bytes, got to the part where he was talking about a Roman person? Did not hear the rest. One gets very confused when you hear something crazy like that after thinking he was om the ball with the Vatican. Cheers

        • I certainly think so too, Pauline. I was dismayed to hear Greg referring to the Word Who became flesh and dwelt among us, God incarnate as being “Caesarion” the son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. His attitude is really arrogant in my opinion. He totally disregards the Biblical record, the written Word of God. A man who has been shown so much truth from real Christians and yet rejects it will be far more accountable than the average person in many Asian countries (like Japan) who have never heard the Gospel even once in their lives. But maybe the Lord will still give him an opportunity to wake up. I sure hope so.

          • I went to the link but nothing was there, I realize that this a pretty old post by now. I had read an article he had written about a defector of the mason/illuminated establishment. I wanted to know more about him and where he was coming from and ended up here. I just don’t take whatever someone says as gospel (pun intended ) without learning about the person first. One 5hing in that article that caught me off guard was the fact that that he just gave up the defectors name without hesitation. If the illuminati is as dangerous as everyone says why not keep anonymity?
            Maybe that’s a silly red flag, but I surely wouldn’t want to give my name out to just whoever when I have a wife, and had already be arrested, and supposedly tortured. Just me?? I don’t know. God Bless!
            Sincerely, Concerned

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