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Abraham Lincoln’s views about Rome, the Pope, the Vatican, the Jesuits and their influence on American society — 14 Comments

    • You know how much I love and respect DBB and how much I value his opinion on issues, but I’m sorry to say I think he was wrong on this one. It’s perfectly understandable why. DBB was raised in the deep South and therefore predudiced against Lincoln. DBB apparently didn’t know about Jesuit influence. He apparently never read Samuel Morse’s book, “Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States” http://jamesjpn.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Samuel_Morse_A_FOREIGN_CONSPIRACY.pdf For if he did, he would know that it was the Jesuit’s who caused the American Civil War. Morse was a friend of Lincoln. Even if one ignores all the above, the fact is the civil war started when the South attacked the North! It was the South who first resorted to violence.

    • The other day I met a chose friend from Arkansas, one of the States that found against the Union in the American Civil war, and asked him what he was taught about Lincoln and the Civil war when a child in elementary school. He replied he was taught to respect Lincoln and that the South was mistaken! I didn’t find this same attitude from the locals in Biloxi Mississippi when I was there in 1970! Apparently not every southern state or everybody in the deep south was taught negatively about about Abraham Lincoln.

  1. A lot of southerners were Irish Catholics. Just as John F Kennedy was expected to obey the Pope, so were they. In fact, nobody tells Americans what to do–especially whites. That is why Obummer took the last election: put in by brainless blacks and Spanish.

  2. Interesting article, and not too surprising. With thanksgiving day a couple of days off, here is a reminder of why Lincoln declared it a national holiday. It was due to the arrival of America’s only ally in the Civil War – the Pacific and Atlantic Russian fleets into the harbors of San Francisco and New York City. The reason was to protect us from the British and French who were massing armies in Canada and Mexico to support the south and divide up the country after the war was lost. This is a subject that is never spoken of in this country. Listen to Webster Tarpley’s speech on CSPAN a few days ago – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLB1umCHaqw

    Of course Britain was close to the Vatican after being awarded Ireland on the stipulation that the Irish never learn their true history. Not surprisingly, Lincoln and Czar Alexander were both murdered not long after, with Booth’s group supported by at least 4 Canadian banksters. As we now know, Booth’s father wrote one of the first threatening letters to Andrew Jackson after Jackson dissolved the Second National Bank of the United States. It is equally not surprising that New York banksters of New York funded the Bolshevik Revolution. Relation to the Vatican – well, banksters are banksters, nothing else need be said.

  3. Great website, full of good information. I have linked your website from mine, thanks for sharing and keep up the great work God bless for he is a gracious and amazing creator and father amen!

  4. i /we know the vtican is the whore of RE17-5 some peopl are amazed by my faith in CHRIST JESUS
    I say the whole world combined can offer nothing churches people govts returned servicemens clubs
    but a hole in the ground here lie the bones of john brown a victim of the system
    good work you can kill the soldier but not the idea thou you reach in to the grave
    where is the idea in the mist of time you seek but can not find
    i have destroyed my eemies from beyond the grave

  5. 2 big issues never mentioned feminization of western men by TV media popular music culture pornography
    who will tell you[[ she some women have balls]] insult to men and women every 2 yr old know thisis false
    feeble diseased senile leaders of churches legal systems governments nuns priests forbiden to marry
    nuns priest forbidden to marry spreading their diseases in society
    scorched earth policies implemented by the Vatican the combined churches
    those who will not work shall not eat

  6. were some of big stuff ups by the north in the american civil war brainless generals drunks or paid off by the vatican
    also in ww2 thousands of Jews lined up to get shot no resistance out numbered Germans hundreds to 1 compared to Warsaw up rising

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