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Wife of Marine Colonel exposes corruption and perversion in the U.S. Milatary — 3 Comments

  1. Hello James,

    I’ve recently added your site to my Daring News sources. I was looking for ‘pre-trib converts’ using the search phrase “former pre-trib pastor” and found your article on Kent Hovind.

    While checking out some of the other ‘daring content’ I found this video of Kay Griggs. I’ve spent the better part of the day viewing these videos and find them very compelling and extremely helpful in connecting the dots of this New World Order agenda.

    But one thing really puzzles me. Why does it seem that these videos have just recently been released? The view count on Youtube on nearly all of Kay Griggs session with Pastor Rick Strawcutter is still less than 100.

    As powerful, shocking, and revealing as this information is, it seems odd that I’ve not seen these earlier since the recording was done in 1996.

    How long have you known about this information?

    Keith @ http://elijah1757.wordpress.com

    • Hello Keith,
      It was only recently I first heard of Kay Griggs, and around the time I posted it, May 24th. A friend introduced me to her. I think there have been many blog articles about her through the years. There are more Youtubes about her too. This one on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQNitCNycKQ has 95,441 views and was posted on Youtube 2 years ago.

      Hey, I think you have a great website!

      • Thank you Dave both for the reply and compliment. I did eventually find those videos that are older and have a higher view count. It was odd that they didn’t show up until I shortened the search to “Kay Griggs”.

        Let me return or reiterate the compliment on your site.

        Have you ever thought how the less well-known news sites ‘nip at the heels’ of those up the rung. That topics we boldly address toward the sanctioned hush prod the bigger players to address these as well, lest they seem inattentive and uninformed when the world finally says, “okay, we believe you now!”

        I believe that’s what the prophets did. Their attitude is: God knows it’s true, even if the world considers me a lunatic. The prophet doesn’t write for the world, he writes for God.

        Not that I’m a prophet but in the end, only God has the red pen.

        Keep up the great work!

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