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Why I stopped listening to Alex Jones — 42 Comments

  1. *Cough* Whod’ve guessed?
    It took me five whole minutes to convince my family, and it only succeeded when I said I found it on James’ website!

  2. Hello,

    I must say that I’m glad you finally stood for sharing what you really think about AJ.
    Mo says it’s easy with us to stand for that kind of views because first of all we come from the system and we are very suspicious about anything coming from the system. Plus now in the Family we are vaccinated against the system and it does not take long to smell something.
    AJ says he is a Patriot and also a christian. You’re only faithfulness goes to the King. Christian is a universal being and the people in the Family is the best proof.
    Thanks for standing for Jesus. AJ gives the idea that this NWO is evil and this and that but we also know that it is ordained of God and God knows what He is doing. Even Mo said that a communist NWO is better that this chaotic capitalist mess. You want to know better : read Mo !

  3. Well done for finally waking up, Alex Jones does not represent his information in a positive way, I am a self pro claimed truth seeker and as a truth seeker, I realise the truth that we will never know the truth.

    This guy loves fear, he craves fear, he even projects his fear into others. When people realise that all of mans problems are merely a reflection of your inner fear, and that great powers rise due to this fearful thought that manifests into reality, the quicker we will live together.

    Your thoughts are truly things and Alex has certainly got you living in the lower conscious of your mind.

    He is a shill working for them fact

  4. Ron Paul is a Rosicrucian. He as been a set up for up to 30 years. If you want the documentation I can send it to you.

    • Sorry but because I am no longer of fan of Alex Jones, I am not familiar with Dr. Corsi. I see he is heavily critical of Barack Obama. A quick search of the Internet shows me he is accused of spreading disinfo about Iran. I just cannot form an opinion about him now.

  5. My heart bares witness that Alex is the real deal.The spirit of the criticism I’m reading reminds me of the same attacks on a young Christian group warning society of perilous times coming if they didn’t repent.His message sometimes moves me to tears with it’s blunt honesty and warnings trying to awaken the masses.Once the disciples found some preaching the same message but weren’t of the 12. remember Jesus answer ,if they’re not against us they’re on our side.So my honest challenge to you is what is he ” preaching that contradicts fundamental family doctrines? I also admire the way he appeals to all faiths to drop all in fighting and face the devils cohorts. Doesn’t that parallel with new attitudes in the family? Alex isn’t as convinced as I am in a 6/24 creation and Is it possible that acts 18:24-26 could apply ? let’s give the Lord some credit for Alex’s safe keeping as 2 other bold system defying witnesses of rev 11 fame.

    • Dear Izzy, thank you for your input and thank you for all your good comments on my Deep Truths website! http://deeptruths.com I understand very clearly now that you are a TFI member.

      About Alex Jones, does he really have good fruit? One person I know who listens to Alex Jones, is quite fearful for the future though he is a Christian. Another brother, a TFI member who is regular Alex Jones listener, a brother who was educated on MLs as we were, was shocked that I questioned whether Ron Paul was a Freemason or not. And from what he said, I perceived he considers Ron Paul the last hope for America! Followers of David ought to know better than that! No one man is going to change America. Even if Paul became President, he would be toast within a week if he sincerely tried to make basic changes. Why would the brother have such an attitude thinking that Ron Paul could save America? Mainly because he listens regularly to Alex Jones and Jones supports Ron Paul!

      Remember that David taught us, truth mixed with lies is more deceptive than only lies.

      • Dear brother James, thanks for your reply and thanks also for publishing my comment.With the multitudes of photos you could have published it was very main stream of you to go with those ones of Alex,after all a picture is worth how many words?A couple of examples of bad fruit? Were all those bad eggs that came from us proof that David was a false prophet.And what about Judas?I’ve been right and I’ve been wrong and I’ve been fine-tuned.We both know the Lord is in control, so let’s see how this plays out. Love in Jesus Izzy ps Is that a husky ?I’m a dog lover too.When they called the recent pope God’s rotwieller I used to joke that no way,because mine was. He passed away.Have you read rainbow bridge? I still have my fox terrier/terror-ha!

        • Yes, I used to have a Siberian Husky named Prancy. I was so heartbroken to lose her. And we lost a Shizu last June. But we still have one left, a really cute mixed breed, only 5 years old. But no more pets after her! It’s so sad to see them die.

          Rainbow Bridge? Do you mean a book by author Paul C. Dahm? No, I haven’t.

          About Alex Jones: Just because of the fact he is sponsored by Genesis Communications Network which is owned by ABC which is owned by Disney (read MK-ULTRA, mind control) is enough for me to stay away from him. A man I greatly admire and respect, arguably one of the greatest American patriots of recent years, a man silenced for his truth telling, William Cooper, did not like Alex Jones and called him a liar. How often has Mr. Jones faced persecution? William Cooper was beat up several times and finally martyred for giving us the truth.

          • First James you’re doing a great work and I don’t want you to come down for a second to answer any fool according to his folly.If I’m wrong I’m sincerely wrong.As I confessed it’d wouldn’t be the first time.I will do my homework on W.Cooper.I” m related to some Coopers.But as dad said, it matters not what you say or yet what I say but what says the Lord.Go to rainbow bridge.com for the inspired vision of where our beloved pets go to wait for us to join them.I pray you also will be able to continue as long as possible.

          • Cooper was very intelligent but got killed because of his temper and was known to waive guns in peoples faces..im sure alex will die the same way..anyways …anyone in this world anyone who has a radio station that transmit world wide has to use their satellites ok..everyone..goerge noory mike savage red ice ..everybody…i have to use youtube to get a message out that that make me NWO..

  6. The enemy is an expert at deception. Remember, when they want to press a controversial issue they immediately start and fund the opposition. Now they control both sides. Alex Jones is controlled opposition. He is Funded by them and controlled. Do not be duped. They want you afraid. Listen to Yeshua in John 16;33, ” Be of Good cheer for I have overcame the World”.

    • He is as controlled opposition for the right as Micheal Moore is for the left. I had enough of these opportunists and hypocrites. I too am concerned about the mindsets of listeners of the Alex Jones show; a show I use to tell people to tune in to; now I tell them to tune out. If you read the comments on his website; it is startling to read the zealotry and hatred that is spewed on there.I once found him informative but now it is like watching a televangelist who is hawking lame products; he should sell Jesus steak knives to go with his American Brand Coffee.

  7. Tom has stated on his show numerous times statements to the following effect as shown in parentheses () below.

    (Alex Jones is a gatekeeper for the illuminati)
    This is an interesting idea. A number of people have criticized Alex Jones for presenting only part of the truth. Let’s investigate that some more. But what about Tom ? What else has he said and is it even possible for him to know it?

    Tom states unequivocally that (there are no Alien Life forms anywhere else in the universe).
    Well, how does he know this? Has Tom traveled throughout the entire universe and seen and verified that this is a true statement?

    • Who are YOU? Why are you attacking Tom Gambill though there is no mention of him on this website? Your opinions have no weight at all unless you give me some credentials. You apparently have NONE because the Yahoo email address you used was not even valid!

      I am of the opinion that unless the Bible tells me there are aliens from other stars and planets, I don’t have to believe it. These so called “aliens” may very well be demons from another dimension, something the Bible does talk about! Could the Illuminati be trying to set us up for rule by a so called “super intelligent alien” from outer space? I know a lot of credible people who do think so.

  8. I too was an Infowars fan but now I can’t stand it. I feel the show has become an absolute joke. His anti homosexual rants have reached near hysterical proportions. His rant against the NFL; calling sports fans homos for watching men play sports while Kurt Nimo was trying to discuss a proposed internet tax because they would not play some lame pro -gun commercial sickened me beyond belief. They claim to be awake but the hate and fanaticism that spews from his site tells me that these people are all deluded; sheeple themselves. His references to satanic democrats is as revolting as Bill Maher saying that Republicans are more violent or Micheal Moore’s ridiculous statement that white people are responsible for all the evil in the world. I had enough of these demagogs; I do all my own research now and think for myself. I don’t know who is worse the wanna be tyrants at Infowars or The New World Order.

    • i have followed conspiricy theorys for manye 6 years and every time i see a new site like infowars then at some point i find out that there al shills . the only thing you have to do for it is look up (name of conspiricy site ore person ) and type debunked .
      for example david icke hes a shil (ore cointell) he says a few things that are truth and a whole lot of things that are lies (like the elite rich poeple are reptillians ) just so that poeple start believing in it and they can then make fun out of conspiricy theorist from that moment on .this type of conspiricy theoris is called cointell ore shills ore misinformation agents there are also other conspiricy theories conspiritors which i like to cal the metaly ill ones who make up these things just becuase there il (look up john todd on wikipedia ) another type of conspiricy theorist is the one who think about earning money from it bye selling books and things like water purifyers and guns (just look at am tv and infowars) another one are those agents that spread racist ideers about jews and black poeple (racist conspiricy theorist ) and this is the first time i see this site i dont know yet wat kinda conspiricy site this is yet becuase i dont know wats real annymore

  9. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The Enemy loves division and infighting. AJ is a man of faults, a flawed character, and I don’t agree with everything he espouses or neglects to espouse, but he is a doer. He has passion and conviction. He convicts me and listening to him has helped me be better informed (with discernment), and more faithful to share the Good News faithfully and with passion. “Fear mongering”? How about a call to arms (spiritual warfare)? I am thankful AJ is showing more about what we (the believers and AACs) are up against, as it helps me to draw closer to Jesus and the Word, and to realize how powerful He is to be able to help us easily overcome the forces of darkness. To sum it up, I think we should encourage and appreciate those exposing the NWO and doing something about it. And yes, for God’s sake, follow God. Do your own research. Have your own convictions, based on your own relationship with Jesus, not AJ’s, WC’s, Ron Paul’s, MD’s, JJ’s … or mine! 🙂 Keep up the good work! We need allies–especially those allied with Him. And people change. I think AJ has. (But don’t take my word for it … check it out yourself.) Let’s find out who else is part of the (future?) Woman in the Wilderness and start working together and take our stand!

  10. I too have listened to AJ for a number of years, bought many of his dvd’s and some of the books he has recommended. And…there was always that “disconnect” though when he NEVER mentioned the Vatican as a large part of the NWO-Illuminati-international banker structure in all this. He claimed to be a “Christian,” but it must only be a cultural one. He bashes Israel and calls them scum, says it is just a fighting for tribal supremacy with the Muslim cousins,etc.. I do agree with him that most of the church is asleep and just “playing church”; at least that is what I see in my own neck of the woods. Most people just want to be anonymous and ignorant about the Total truths that are hidden in plain view. We are not called to be that. Our pastor says that we do not experience any persecution in our country, alluding to that it is not “physical.” Discounting the plans for absolute control and enslavement we are really in, and the plans for martial law laid out in UN Agenda 21 and Executive Order 13603.

    • But it is physical, the media does not tell us about it…and we in the western churches are so compromised and into the system, we need to repent.

  11. I’m from the UK….. Justifiably shoot? WHAT? how? punch in the face maybe but ‘justifiably shot’…. just as mental as Alex himself.

  12. Alex was good fir a bit…i mostly enjoy his guest..but if you really want sollutions check out dean cllifords youtube channel..if youre

  13. In ‘every’ case, a psychopath is a 3 year old, mental~handicap, gene~spliced with a Rhesus monkey. So, to ‘get’ for {what you’d expect of such a ‘primitive’ mind,} the monkey learns tricks, I.e. how to ‘con’ the human brain, for the thrills it seeks in it’s otherwise ‘meaningless’ life.

    I hope you appreciate the links below. Which ‘expose’ 1 of the most ‘deadly’ and long~lastingly ‘evil’ techniques which you’re subjected to, relentlessly. I.e. Psycho~paths are preying~on your moral~conscience, which they don’t have, neuro~anatomically. I.e. They prey~on your ‘fear’ of being thought~of as being a ‘bad’ person, by a genocide~addicted, semi~simian, sex~offender trying to kill you and ‘hoping’ you don’t wake~up and ‘realise’ that it’s a pathological~liar ‘needing’ strung~up, who’s fake~opinion of you shouldn’t deter you from executing it. {As ‘all’ your ancestors routinely did, until you were ‘groomed’ out of doing~so any longer, due to your moral~conscience, ‘for’ your executioner.}

    E.g. You’re being ‘conned out of’ REALISING what’s happening to you, by ‘your’ murderer, who atypically ‘points’ at you and says, “Oooooh, that’s VIOLENCE,” to get closer~still to killing you, which they ‘pride’ themselves on and it also allows the magical~thinking ‘lunatic’ to believe it’s somehow gone~superior.

    Malcolm~X said, “When it’s self~defence, I don’t call it violence, I call it INTELLIGENCE *!*” ~ They ‘assassinated’ him for saying that, which seems pretty violent and hypocritical, huh *?*

    The average person’s fast~asleep and ‘deserves’ to be ‘extreminated’ for the myopic~state they’ve allowed themselves to sink down into becoming ‘and’ for preying~on HUMANE beings who try to wake them up, so that they can ‘live up’ to what they say they believe, {E.g. Saying they love their family, whilst sitting and watching them being poisoned by chemtrails, irradiated, ‘oppressed,’ robbed, murdered, Etc.}

    ‘Predominately’ the state~groomed sheeple are their~own worst enemy, as ‘most’ so~called adults are selfish, devil~may~care, tiny~minded imbeciles, priding themselves on winning ‘imaginary competitions’ only they are in’ against innocent HUMANE beings, who ‘aren’t’ a hair~brained bestial lunatic, needing shot *!*

    The same genetic~garbage who hen~peck and brow~beat anyone who tells the truth about the ZIONIST JEWS murdering you right now. Hoping you ‘choose’ to trigger your own amygdala when you ‘witness’ a hideously~ugly ‘hell~bound’ retard WISHING to cause you brain~damage, ‘precisely’ how they’ve been programmed to prey~on you, due to their state~groomed ‘narcissism,’ which when atypically foiled {as you ‘correctly’ won’t see an inbred~imbecile as Elvis or Marilyn,} ergo you witness it’s hate~consumed ‘emotional incontinence.’

    So, ‘remotely,’ the Zionist Jews are relying on the forlorn great~expectation of their self~destructive unwitting ‘plants’ and drooling, 100% complicit ‘rings’ of fellow beasts, to oppress you into silence, {a.k.a. Willfully trying to cause you P.T.S.D., mainly through ambient~abuse. I.e. Due to the monkey relentlessly trying to get you to trigger your own ‘fight or flight’ mechanism.}

    E.g. ‘ALL’ that the neuro~anatomically PROVABLY ‘tiny~minded,’ aforementioned walking~shite, would take from what I just HUMANELY wrote, is, that I spelled ‘exterminated’ incorrectly *!*

    Upon being ‘exposed’ in this manner, when the LUNATIC feels bad, it’s megalomaniacal obsession is to then see~if it can get you to ‘choose’ to feel bad, as then the self~deluded imbecile {I.e. psycho~path} who sees itself as a mastermind, can feel ‘lighter’ and that it’s magically left it’s SHIT with you. {The lizard can believe it’s shed it’s skin, but it still waddles off a lizard, inescapably.}

    I.e They’re completely cut~off from REALITY, due to their grossly mentally~handicapped Chicken~brain, which creates the phenomena of their delusions of ‘transference.’ E.g. The sex~offender, hopes you KNOW it ‘needs shot’ but has calculated that you ‘won’t’ do~so and instead will simply CONTAIN the ‘stress’ and trauma, ie cause yourself brain damage, {P.T.S.D.} on~behalf of the pseudo~energy~vampire, due to your ‘choice’ to react and then to ‘contain’ your reaction.

    I.e. Ignoring the URGENT prompt, coming from ALL your ancestors SURVIVAL stories and LOVE stories combined, to EXECUTE ‘them.’ You are GENUINELY being exterminated by pedophile~rings of sadomasochism~addicted talking~bonobos, obsessed with TRYING to cause you P.T.S.D., for existential PRETENGE against humans who afford talking~monkeys human rights *!* {That’s the THANKS you get for NOT keeping them in a Zoo and for giving PEDOPHILES, ‘HUMAN’ rights.}

    I learned everything about what’s going~on from 1 courageous man’s selfless fight against the organised ‘rings’ of Zionist Jews and their ‘rings’ of pedophiles and armies of complicit sex~offenders, {who’s wages you HAVE TO pay and ‘believe’ are AUTHORITAAAH, as otherwise you get dragged into a dungeon~system ‘you’ are ENORMOUSLY incorrectly PAYING to maintain,} who are all ‘void’ of self~awareness, depth and morality and most of whom are ‘either’ unaware they’re being culled ‘too’ or they simply don’t care, as alongside having no ‘meaning’ to their onanist perception of reality, they’ve no ‘vision’ for a better life, one where they weren’t complicit in their own execution.

    This is the seat they want on the Titanic, even if the deck’s at a 45 degree angle, I.e. for as~long~as the ANIMAL in human~form gets to bully you, for ‘sexual pleasure.’ Because to it’s bestial perception, power {a.k.a. self~destruction amonst others,} is an aphrodisiac. The drooling beast’s insatiable sexual~appetite is borne of their early childhood experiences, where it was ‘thrust’ into a concentration~camp {a.k.a. school, awash with ambient abuse and unruly bullies,} it grows up to want con~venient pretenge against YOU, who had NOTHING to do with the black~and~white thinker’s past.

    A sex~offender develops from it’s ‘ingrained’ early alloplastic self~defence mechanism. I.e. The ‘delusional’ self~destruct mechanism which Zionist Jews deliberately programmed it to arrest itself into ‘becoming.’ Wherafter, the unbidden ‘monkey with a calculator,’ lacking a ‘theory of mind,’ {I.e. self awareness,} tends to attack those whom the ANIMAL sees as being weaker or vulnerable, especially the KIND, which is ‘why’ HUMANS are becoming extinct *!*

    All that SHITE stand on the shoulders of the HUMANE giants who handed them everything the evil~incontinent vermin are DESTROYING as a ‘thank you’ for allowing shaven~bonobo into ‘decision’ making positions without ‘brain scanning’ them or even setting a ‘basic’ requirement for ’emotional intelligence’ tests or BETTER still ‘ORGANISING’ your SELF into minding your own business and ORDERING your ‘representatives’ to mind their own COMPLETELY, as they’re TAKING OUT their shit on you, as OTHERWISE they’ll have to accept the life they FEAR being reduced to, when they can THRILLINGLY LIE us all out of existence for ‘instead’ *!*

    But they still NEED you to remain duped and ‘inactive’ and preying~on those who try to wake you up and ALL their PLANTS need to do is DENY ALL of this ‘ONCE,’ I repeat, deny ALL of this ‘only’ ONCE and you’ll go back to sleep. So they can continue getting their steady supply of ‘forbidden’ sex with children and getting off on abusing you and ejaculating {without touching their groin, as Hitler was famed for doing,} on the delusion of power.

    Your ignorance allows all that SHITE to reach those perches, is Which is why the subspecies of myopic 3 year old handicapped monkey’s tiny brain, {which has ‘resufarced’ in the gene pool and has OUTBRED the human brain EXPONENTIALLY,} will go on delaying suicide, whilst HUMAN beings kill themselves in their droves, who are being PERSECUTED to ‘extinction.’

    I could go on. Suffice as to say, if you want to be ‘deprogrammed’ for FREE, of the ‘BILLIONS,’ I repeat, ‘BILLIONS’ of dollars spent on what Zionist Jews have been at pains to ‘ingrain’ into your brain, then not~only can you ‘learn everything’ I have, from ’1′ Christlike man alone, you’ll also LAUGH until your sides are splitting. ‘EROL’ is up there with Bill Hicks in my book and the ENORMOUS LIST of his great deeds knows no~end, on a planet of predominately ‘high~functioning~retards,’ who can’t see beyond the end of their own beak.

    I love HUMANE beings, so for you own sake and the lives of those you love, who are GENUINELY being exterminated ‘right now,’ {so slowly you tend not to ‘notice,’} think of how selfless I’m being in dedicating my life to waking you up, running the risk of publicising Erol’s work, who’s also risked his life countless times and OVERCOME seemingly insurmountable odds, to ‘DO’ what it ‘takes’ to stop Chicken~brained sex~offenders from killing YOU and yours’.

    When watching the following, TEST your Zionist ‘programming,’ as the more ‘REACTIONARY’ you are to what Erol’s profound mind says, the ‘more’ you should become AWARE of how programmed you truly ‘are,’ by Zionist media propaganda. {Switch off the T.V. and don’t put it back on again, stop watching sports or reading newspapers, they’re ALL run by the exact same mental~pygmies, trying to keep you under their spell.}

    ‘Alternatively,’ become more aware of the ‘moral~law’ of the divine Erol discovered, as Newton discovered gravity, before~whom people couldn’t see it, as it’s INVISIBLE to the narcissist. Who at one time, ‘tellingly,’ thought that the earth was ‘flat’ and that the universe revolved around them, like a ‘spoiled’ 3 year old perceives reality.

    If you fall into that category then you’re undoubtedly a jabbering, ‘hell~bound’ EVIL soul and that’s what you’ve ‘become’ by being the same type of self~amazing moron who can only rise to your level of self~delusion just before Dresden is carpet bombed But, you’re no~doubt ‘determined’ to continue to be as SHITE a person, {having BECOME worse than the ghosts you hate,} as you’re NOW addicted to being a junkie~wanker, exactly as Zionists GROOMED you to be.

    Self~deluded low~life VERMIN, who’s idea of intelligence is pretending~to~believe what they’re saying, which they ‘hope offends you,’ but who genuinely believe that 1 day they’ll get their quota of sex~offending done, which will complete their life~long ambition for ‘PRETENGE’ against those ghosts from their ‘past,’ even~though they’ve now ‘become’ a hate~consumed, ever~vengeful trouble~maker, who’s a disgusting sex~offender. In which case they should ‘either’ stop delaying~suicide or UNITE with HUMANS to overthrow the ORGANISED ‘rings’ of sex~offenders, killing YOU TOO *!*

    Conversely, if you’re ‘HUMAN,’ then KEEP an open mind and REJOICE:~


    I try to inspire FREE men and women and also have exposed Alex JEWns on my website, who should change his site’s name to ‘IN~FOR~WARS,’ but all you have to look~at is the ‘fact’ that he’s ‘exclusively’ backed by Zionist Jews, as otherwise the fat pig would be stone dead. As to them VIOLENCE is intelligence, especially if it’s done slowly and ALL they have to do is DENY it’s happening ‘ONCE’:~



  14. Alex is a personality… I listen to him everyday. He’s fantastical, but if you check facts and think for yourself; you can take his true message of World Government and build your own facts.
    Another Note: I appreciate you sharing how your friends who listen to him have changed… I get it. Im a Veteran, and I can tell you he is an expert on talking “Wartime Strategy” especially for someone who never saw combat… It’s like he was programmed to speak to us.

  15. The reason why William Cooper called that guy a liar was panic he caused about supposedly Russian nuclear missiles launch on New Year’s Eve 2000. Somehow, few people found that amusing… That wasn’t the first time that happened from irresponsible media or gossip.
    However, some of you here and on other forums are no different selling doom and gloom stories or accusing certain people of associations, entanglements or events that had no place in their lives or were taken out of context or even worse, are purely figments of imaginations. BTW who’s the Antichrist this year??? I loved education on Ancient mysteries and esoteric philosophies but for my mind’s sake I stopped listening and watching lots of programmes for a while. I probably lived through several armageddons judged by “prophetic” books I downloaded… I’m a jolly, a bit crazy but sane fellow. I enjoy bariery in my studies, but for crying out loud, some content is insane.
    Now Jones is supposedly a traitor to another “True and only Christians” around.
    Among real traitors is a cowboy monkey playing a sherrifffff in a town in Poland I live in among other vampire empty-headed liars. Some people just get the part of you and try to eat you alive usurping rights to your life and dreams even. Those are real criminals that need exposure…
    They are as repulsive as those people who have no soul and would put you to jail for Reading books (instead of burning Then)…

    • There are many reasons for me to think Alex Jones is not who he pretends to be, not only what William Cooper has to say about him. If you read this page carefully, you would know those reasons.

      “BTW who’s the Antichrist this year???” you ask? The same guy who was the Antichrist last year, and the year before, and over the past 1500 years, that’s who! He’s called “the vicar of Christ” AKA the Pope! If you learn anything from this website, I hope you learn that for I have tons of documentation that prove the papacy is the biblical Antichrist. Evangelicals think of Antichrist as a single man in the future. But the Bible teaches they have been around since the time of St. John the Apostle.

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