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Nations remaining without a Rothschild central bank — 1 Comment

  1. Praise be to God. James you are one of the few men addressing this piece of the prophetic puzzle as well. Yes only three nations that as yet today do not have a Rothschild Central Bank. This is something I had written concerning this in June 2014; Currently Vladimir Putin of Russia (close ally of Iran) has been moving his military into the Ukraine, their former Soviet region. He has taken the Crimean peninsula—why? This writer believes it is only a period of time before he takes Ukraine and the use is for military staging area for larger future endeavors. There is a biblical prophetic perspective from the OT prophet Ezekiel in chapters 37-38. However, Russia is acting as a rogue nation according to the globalists, just as the former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. They of course have threatened him through the G-7 nations with economic sanctions this week in Brussels, Belgium, as the “Bilderbergs” have had one of their elitist’s pow-wows. International politics is very suspect. There is much more here that meets the eye.

    Let us consider this information in addition to much that we already know concerning the movement toward the New World Order. There definitely is a planned global government in the wings waiting to assume the stage. And thereby the financial infrastructure is necessary to initiate the next step (at the given time).

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