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Jack Chick’s Testimonial about John Todd – Letter #2 — 4 Comments

  1. I am getting in on this story kind of late, it appears. I had read “The Broken Cross” when it first came out, and later “Angel of Light”. I had no idea of the cost John was paying to reveal the truth. No doubt Jack Chick has had his own share of attacks on himself and his publishing ministry. Thank God for both of these men, (and they are real men, not cowards) and that they had met each other when they did. We need to continue circulating these books from Jack Chick and getting the truth out. Don’t let the cost these two men have paid be for nothing. Thanks, Brother John, for opening my eyes when I was only a teenager, and the eyes of thousands of other people all over our country, and probably all over the world. All of us need your kind of courage. Thanks, Brother Jack, for putting your life, and the lives of everyone in your family and friends on the line, (but really in the hands of God Himswelf) for the cause of educating and edifying the churches. Your ministry has been a bright light in my life for probably 40 years.
    God has truly used you to be a blessing to millions of people, who have, in turn, been a blessing to so many more; only eternity will tell how many. Thank you, James, for posting this. This has been more of a blessing to have read, than you could know. May the Lord Jesus come quickly! Amen! ~an unprofitable servant~

  2. I’ve been going through some dark days most of my life with depression and anxiety and feel like an outcast for my beliefs, but finding all this information about the illuminati and all this John Todd stuff has helped me feel back on track like I should be spreading the word, and gives me comfort. Thank you to the brave men who put God’s Truth first! May God Bless you a and lead US ALL down the path he wants us to take. IN Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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