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How the Jesuits undermined the Protestant Reformation — 6 Comments

  1. I do like your site…I really do. But Jesuit futurism is a diversion. And many of these books such as the Left Behind, A Thief In the Night, Apocalypse, series are not good either; though what they are trying to do is point many to the gospel. The rapture is not a creation of the Vatican/Jesuits, they merely perverted it. The disinformation in this long article keeps referring to the rapture, anti-Christ, and futurism as in the future. IT IS future in its climax and has not happened yet…but soon to come to pass. The pope “is an anti-Christ” aka the false prophet ruler of the religious ecumenical movement. But there is one that will be revealed that is the Political-Financial-Ethnic leader of the world who cannot be revealed till the Holy Spirit allows it to be so. “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.” 2 Thessalonians 2:7. And what is a shame is the grain of truth thing your article refers to is the fact that most churches are succumbed into disbelief that Rome/Babylon is the enemy of the true church, as did the reformers and many preachers such as Spurgeon, Wesley, Moody. Most pastors will not mention that today in the 501C3 churches, because of the work of the Jesuits in this writer’s opinion. The Premillennial view is not new–it is the doctrine of the Lord and the apostles.

    Comment on the Catching Away, Translation, Blessed Hope, Resurrection (commonly called the rapture)
    I Thessalonians 4:13-18

    Belief in this does set the tone for our understanding of the Word of God. I believe in the pre-tribulation rapture (Caught UP, Translation) which is only “secret” to unbelievers. Here are just a few considerations: The church is not mentioned after the 3rd chapter of the Revelation. His Holy Spirit allows the New World Order to take its control once His church is removed–the evil that shall be unleashed upon the earth…we have not seen, nor will again. God turns His attention to the Hebrews (Israel) and the remainder of the lost Gentile world. There will be a harlot church here headed up by the Romanish Vicar Religious System which is noticeably missing in many teachings, as well as God’s eternal promises to Israel. The Hebrew missionaries…Saints, 12,000 from each Hebrew tribe 144,000 will be commissioned/sealed in chapter 7. Many will be saved, but will pay with their lives in opposition to the beast system. Yes our Blessed Lord and Savior will return in Revelation 19…with the saints of His Bride the Church from throughout the ages. We along with the angelic hosts come with Him but only to see our Master the King of Kings and Lord of Lords put the end to the rebellion. He will set His feet upon the eastern gate of Jerusalem, the mountain shall split and become a new valley, He shall fell His foes with one word. Brother, if you want to believe in Post-trib, Mid-trib, or amillennialism that is not damnable, only if you are not born-again by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, not of works lest any man should boast. We can agree on that. He is our Blessed Hope to take us out of the great wrath that God will pour out on this earth.

    A lot of dis-information and attacks on dispensationalism and the premillennial view.

    *(An inordinate amount of internet blogs, books, and so-called Christian websites that dismiss or attack Premillennial teaching on scripture and end-time scenario. They mysteriously seldom invoke any other views such as Post-millennialism, Amillennialism, mid-trib, post-trib., etc. They replace the Church with Israel, and vice versa most of the time or ignore that too. They merely attack premillennialism, deride it as false doctrine, say it is leading people astray, and making Christians weak or docile, ineffective…; and some may bring out some man in the 1830’s named John Nelson Darby that taught it they say for the initial time. Even as a young person reading the scriptures and seeing what the Lord Jesus said, and the apostles…never has it occurred to me then or now that Jesus did not explain to them the sequence of events that would precede His return. However, most that dispute Dispensationalsm/Premillennialism avoid the prophets Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Zechariah, Ezekiel, or scripture of Peter, Paul, John, Jude or Jesus speaking about the differences…say nothing of the end of the times of the Gentiles beginning in Revelation 4, or God turning to Israel, in fact they teach that the Church is now Israel!! And what scriptural base they do attempt is inconsequential. What is more false than this?… they avoid the Roman Catholic Church as the anti-Christ false church leading the world-wide ecumenical movement combining all religions promoting the false prophet and the world-wide ecumenical system which they do right now—which is exactly what Martin Luther and the reformers taught . Luther never felt strong and free to war against the Papal apostasy till he recognized the pope as Antichrist. Use of the terms “secret rapture” ; albeit a term they have coined, and dispute the rapture because of false prognosticators who set dates like Edgar Whisenant, Harold Camping and many before or after them. True biblical spirit-filled believers who know His Word, know that one does not set dates, but God would not have us ignorant in knowing the times and season of His return. Paul the Apostle called it the “blessed hope and glorious appearing” in Titus 2:13) So, in considering the misinformation and false teaching denying the truth must come from the JESUITS and other distorters of the scriptures, we look forward to the Blessed Hope, not the anti-Christ or the tribulation.

    So if we are looking for the anti-Christ, we see his representatives. But he does not save…we are looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. No other viewpoint shares the truth. Other views do not make any sense from Genesis to Revelation. Premillennialism does. The Lord will reign from Jerusalem after-after-after…He has put down the rebellion for a thousand years on earth, then allow Satan one opportunity before he is finally dispensed with.

    • Mark, this site does not promote Jesuit futurism. I am trying to make the public aware of Jesuit perfidy. I know that futurism was promoted by the Jesuits to take the Protestant’s eyes off the Pope as being an Antichrist, but the fact is there will eventually be a FINAL Antichrist who will fulfill all the prophecies more completely. That is not to say there were not intermediate fulfillments as well.

  2. James Japan keep up the good work !! Anyone who stands up and defends the faith ,against the Devils church ( Roman Catholicism ) is all right guy ; the problem I see to today in this great falling away is that ,so many people refuse to pick up a bible and read it ,and ask the Lord to help them understand and guide them into his truth ; for this reason they become more deceived and the Lord allows them to be lead astray ; had they asked they may have received ? But many will not ask , but instead trust in men ; Joel Olsteen is a prime example of mass deception ; teaching to gain is godliness !! Jesus warned let no one deceive you by any means and still your crown ; for the devil has come to deceive the whole world for he knows his time is short !!

  3. James : does not the Lord say ; whoa unto them that call evil , good and good,evil ? calls the Light ; darkness and the darkness Light : so IAM sure that John HAGEE .. Kenneth copeland , pope Francis , Joel Olsteen and many , ‘many more like these men are dragging more souls into HELL ? Than any getting to HEAVEN , because they are false teachers and false apostles Christ warned about in his word to be aware of and run from !! The great falling away is at hand : /and we as born again true believers in Jesus Christ as the son of God should be rebuking these men every opportunity that presents itself / web , tv , radio etc !! The time is now to defend Jesus and his words from the devil at all cost !!

  4. James I like your articles and read them / do you have an email that we can correspond back in forth on : more now than ever we as born again believers , need to spread the good news and rebuke and exspose the heretic charismatic apostolic oneness Pentecostal and THIER wicked heretical teachings !! Most of TBN is 90 % charasmtic false doctrine of her mother whore Roman Catholic Church !! This antichrist system is of Satan , no doubt !!are you still in Japan would like to see you when I visit the country ! Peace be with you james and the Lord bless you for your calling !! Your friend in Christ jesus David young

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