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  1. Uh Maxwell was referring to molecules, not organisms.

    As for the list of “creationist” scientists, one should always bear in mind the stigma of “atheist” in their day. Recall that atheists (and Christians, as it happens) are still put to death in the 21st century. What does that tell you?

    • What should it tell me? That evil and bigoted men kill those who are not of their religion? Atheism is just another religion as far as I am concerned, a religion exalting man as his own god.

  2. The pre-tribulation rapture isn’t a satanic plan. Its 100% biblical and is the Messiah’s plan to fetch His Bride before He pours out His wrath upon the wicked and disobedient world.

    • Hello Kay,

      You say pre-tribulation is 100% biblical and yet you quote me 0% Bible to
      try to prove it. Show me the Scriptures that teach it. You cannot. If you
      are honest, yon will concede that you are only repeating what your preacher
      or Bible teacher taught you. And that person is only repeating what he or
      she was taught. It is an error repeated over and over from 150 or so years
      ago based on a false Vatican promoted interpretation of Daniel 9:27.

      For more info on this deep subject, please see

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