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Ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera exposes Jesuit inflitration into Protestant Denominations — 6 Comments

  1. I am glad that there have been some willing to stand up and speak out regardless of the consequences. People act like they are going to live forever, Here. The Here and Now is the only opportunity we have to truly make a stand for God, Christ and Truth. I’m always amazed at how fearful, naive and resistant people are to either pursue the Truth or acknowledge the Facts.
    I do recommend most of the content on your site. I’m surprised to see so many important subjects that were common knowledge a few decades ago and are now completely lost to the Masses and average Christian.

    • Thank you, Roscoe, for your encouragement! There are few who can see and understand why I hold the viewpoints I hold. I’m always blessed to meet one who does! God bless you!

  2. Why the tablet advertisement at the end?

    I always knew such thing, but please also look into what other churches do.
    Protestants also have a large influence on the plan, in Brazil where i come from a guy Edir Macedo who calls himself an Apostle has just built a third temple, he calls it the Temple of Solomon and it can seat up to 10,000 people.

    Edir Macedo is a Protestant and has been proved many times that he is a lier, he requires money off people, he has millions on his accounts, he owns a channel in Brazil which is just the same as any other, brain washing the masses.

    Please i say, look at your own church and you will see, it is not just the Catholic but rather ALL of them, why are there pastors if Jesus never said their would be one? He said, dont have masters or leaders.

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