This is my own handcrafted HTML chart based on a graphic from some website I cannot remember. Can the 10 horns of Revelation chapter 13 be interpreted to be these 10 regions or principalities of the earth? I think it’s a very good interpretation indeed.

1. NAFTA 2. EU 3. AFEC 4. M.E. 5. W.Asia
6. Central Asia 7. ASEAN 8. Orient 9. S.Africa 10. S.America
U.S.A. U.K. Australia Turkey Most Balkan States Russia Thailand Japan Union of S.Africa Venezuela
Canada France New Zealand Syria Poland Armenia Bangladesh Nigeria Brazil
Mexico Germany China Jordan Romania Georgia Cambodia Ethopia Chile
Central America Italy South Korea Israel Hungary Azerbaijan India Belgian Columbia
Belgium Indonesia Lebanon Bulgaria Cuba Laos Uganda Guatemala
Denmark North Korea Egypt Czechoslovakia Vietnam Kenya Nicaragua
Ireland Mongolia S. Arabia Serbia Myanmar Somali Yucatan
Spain Albania Nepal Angola Paraguay
Netherlands Maghreb Union Estonia Pakistan Zimbawe Argentina
Greece Libya Latvia Afganistan Mozambique Bolivia
Luxembourg Algeria Lithuania Iran Madagascar Peru
Portugal Tunisia Iraq Ecuador
Austria Morocco Uraguay
Finland Sudan Guinness

The most interesting thing for me about this chart is that Japan has a region all to its own. Could it be because Japan is the only super economy left in the world?


Chart of the 10 Economic Regions of the Antichrist — No Comments

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