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  1. In regards to Leviticus passage on “shame” or “nakedness” I would agree that one is more direct in it’s meaning but the other is showing depth. As a child I knew what shame meant, as in cover your shame. Instead of my explaining I checked with John Gill on the subject as well as the LXX. From the Greek OT–*[[Lev 18:6]] ABP2006 wo cr* The man, a man [to any family member of his flesh shall not draw near] to uncover their indecency. I am the LORD. to uncover [their] nakedness; that is, those parts, which, by a contrary way of speaking, are so called, which should never be naked or exposed to view; but should be always covered, as nature teaches to do, and as our first parents did, when they perceived themselves naked, and were ashamed, Ge 3:7: this phrase signifies the same as to lie with another, or have carnal knowledge of them, wherefore the following laws are generally understood of incestuous marriages; for if such an action is not to be done between persons standing in such a relation, as here in general, and afterwards more particularly described, then there ought to be no intermarriages between them; and if such marriages are forbidden, and such actions unlawful in a married state, then much more in an unmarried one; wherefore the several following instances are so many breaches of the seventh command, Ex 20:14, and so many explications and illustrations of it, and consequently of a moral nature, and binding upon all men, Jews and Gentiles:. I know that when reading one doesn’t desire to think too much on any single word…but, sometimes there is meaning that isn’t necessarily plain and superficial, as I believe in this case.

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