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Genesis Chapter One Indicates a Spherical Rotating Earth — 2 Comments

  1. Assuming there are truly satellites. According to many NASA video from Space station there are none…not a one. In fact, not one rocket has ever broken through the established firmament. There are videos on this as well. Virgin Space Tours can’t even figure out why none of their craft can get into “space”. Just want to add that your exposing of Rome and the Jesuits should at some point lead you to NASA. Shortly after Auguste Piccard revealed to Popular Science Magazine that the earth is flat NASA suddenly came into being. There is video with old footage revealing Nixon had the moon landing filmed (in England) and lots of interesting information from those who worked for NASA as realism artists who made paintings of the earth. These paintings are most of the “pictures” of earth from space. I can’t even type enough or fast enough to explain all of this. As I mentioned in another post, this is really worth a looking into. In fact, just about EVERY THING we have been taught about or world is one big lie after another propigated for the use of the New World Order and their coming Extraterrestrial Messiah.

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