The Serpent around the Capitol of Washington

How Rome crept into Washington has been described. Stealthily, slowly, meekly, but surely, she came; and she came to stay. Long before the Revolution Rome was here. Washington saw her, and warned against her insidious influence. She came among us in poverty of spirit and in the ashes of humiliation. Anna Ella Carroll, of Maryland, a descendant of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, recited the story of Papal aggression, told of the holy confidence of the Pope, how the Jesuits determined “to convert every house in America into a fort, and to keep the gates open and the houses without defence.”Protestants came and went freely, their honor, piety and loyalty to the Government was everywhere highly esteemed; and soon American Protestants placed their children in their hands for safe-keeping; helped them build their churches and public institutions because of their avowed purpose to enjoy our free institutions. They paraded in biblical plainness, and shut up the mystery of their pages from all sensitive readers. But while they wrote with a crow-quill for American liberty, they were making shoes to pinch the feet of the children whom they seduced to enter their schools, colleges and convents. They captivated women with little holy playthings, sympathized with their weaknesses, and ministered to their ills. They shut up the beautiful and innocent to make vows for Papal Jesuitism in free America. When they get the daughters, they want the sons, and in the name of liberty ask for the children. Their Propaganda of Rome, of Lyons, of France, of Vienna and Austria, build colleges, nunneries and monasteries, in which they offer education almost without money and without price, that they may stifle the hopes of the youth entrusted to their care.

Religious toleration has given welcome to a Jesuit priesthood that is making a religion without God and a state without liberty. They denounce the public schools, curse the Bible, murder history, and maim and mutilate literature. They teach American children, that all the founders of this Republic were Papists; that Washington, the father of his country, died a Roman Catholic, and in his last moments, it is asserted, confessed and communicated by the Romish Bishop of Baltimore; and that the relations of this great American patriot, fearing Americans would repudiate their hero, desired the secret never to be disclosed. The Romish community claim that they know of this conversion, and the Washington who wanted none but “Americans on guard,”is a candidate for beatification by the Pope of Rome. Of course Columbus, the discoverer of America, was a Catholic. Lafayette, who came to our help, was brought here, it is claimed, through the interposition of Bishop Carroll, the Catholic, who in the interests of the Republic went to France to plead our cause. The best Republicans, they teach, are all Romanists. The writers of their school books exclude the history of distinguished Protestants, and fill their pages with the biographies of men and women who were loyal to Rome. This Papal influence came seeking little by little; it assumed, then boasted, and now denounces us. They say, Out of the church is no salvation. The monk says, Pray and read; while he stalks forth as though he had all America on a string of beads, carrying a pent-up fire to burn up the suspected and reviled intellects which come near him. Jesuitism was born in Spain, reared in France, developed under Papal Rome, and diffused in the United States of America. The Company of Jesus, now in the United States, is great, powerful, and oppressive. It is mysterious and demoniacal, defying our science and weaving its malice over the brightest hopes of the world.

To describe Jesuitism, that was regarded as too foul and devilish to be borne even in Roman Catholic countries, seems to be a duty. Founded in 1534, and sanctioned by Pope Paul III. in 1540, it was expelled from England, 1581; France, 1594; Portugal, 1598; England again, 1604; France again, 1606; Russia, 1717; Portugal again, 1759; France again, 1762-3; Spain, 1767; Genoa, 1767; Venice again, 1767; Sicily, 1767; Naples, 1768; Malta, 1768; Parma, 1768; all, with the exception of England and Russia, being strictly Roman Catholic states. Eventually, the Order was suppressed by Pope Clement XIV, in 1773; but continued to exist under other names, and disguised under the title of “Brothers of the Faith.”It re-entered France, and had there several colleges in its hands, which were closed in 1828; some of them have since been reopened, and within the last twenty years, the number of persons belonging to the Order has been doubled. The Society was re-established by Pope Pius VII. in 1814, and finds free scope to carry out its treasonable designs under the American flag. Though it has stifled free thought wherever it could, introducing as their first injunction in all their schools, “Let no one, even in matters which are of no danger to piety, ever introduce a new question; “though it persecuted Galileo and oppressed Columbus; yet this Jesuit priesthood walks the soil of the Republic as a benefactor and finds in presidents and congressmen willing subjects of its will.

Henry IV. of France admitted to Sally, that he allowed the Jesuit priesthood to enter Catholic France only because he feared them! Philip II. of Spain, said: The only Order of which I know nothing is the Jesuit.”This, interwoven with Popery, is the Roman Catholic church of the United States. The federal compact, formed by the New England colonies in 1643, to resist the Indians, was the first Union made by the Anglo-Saxon upon our soil, and prepared the way for their Declaration of Rights later on. Jesuitism fought liberty amid its birth-throes. On the 10th of June, a resolution was adopted by a bare majority, and to obtain the unanimous sentiment of all the colonies a postponement was made until July, after securing the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence. Difficulties like mountains towered in the path of the Fathers. A spirit of opposition and discord pervaded their councils. They were driven to seek God’s help. Congress paused to ask His guidance and blessing; and until He gave strength, union seemed impossible. The Committee reported on the twenty-eight of June, and on the 4th of July, 1776, by the final decision of Congress and the vote of every colony, this Declaration was engrossed; when, on the second of August, all the members present, and some who became so after the fourth of July, signed it in behalf of all the people. The bells then pealed the advent of Independence. But Romanists were then, as now, opposed to the upgoing structure. The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union between the thirteen original States were not ratified until 1781, because the Roman Catholics of Mary land opposed and refused to unite; so steadfast has ever been the opposition of the Romish priesthood to our liberty. {Etudes Religeuse}

Attention has recently been turned to where the Jesuits are at work and what they are doing. “In the Balkan Peninsula there are forty-five Jesuit missionaries; in Africa, and especially Egypt, Madagascar, and the Zambesi region, 223; in Asia, especially Armenia, Syria, and certain parts of China, 699. In China alone the number is 195 all of French nationality. In Oceanica, including the Philippines, the Malay Archipelago, Australia, and New Zealand, the number is 270; in America, including certain specified States of the Union, portions of Canada, -British Honduras, Brazil and Peru, 1,130; the total number of Jesuits scattered over the Globe, in purely missionary work, being 2,377. These are of various nationalities: but the vast majority are French. In the distribution great attention is paid to nationality; thus in Illyria, Dalmatia, and Albania, they are all Venetians; in Constantinople and Syria, Sicilians; in Africa, Asia Minor and China, French; while no French Jesuits are to be found in any part of the American Continent. In the Bombay and Bengal Presidencies, they are Germans and Belgiums, respectively; in the Philippines, Spanish; in the Malay Archipelago, Dutch; in Eastern Australia and New Zealand, Irish; in the United States, Germans, Neapolitans, and Piedmontese, are found working in specified and distinct districts; those laboring among the Indians of Canada are Canadians; in the British West India Colonies, they are English; in Central America, Spaniards; in South America, Italians, Spaniards and Germans, the Italians and Germans having all Brazil to themselves, doubtless because of the enormous Italian and German immigration to Brazil. It will be understood that the spheres of labor of the different orders, are carefully laid down at Rome.”

During the war, Washington saw the peril. While the American Eevolution was progressing, our Continental Congress forbade any but her native sons to be employed in the foreign service of the country. Said George Washington: “You are not to enlist any person suspected of being an enemy to the liberty of America.”One hundred chosen men were to be enrolled to form a corps to be instructed in the manoeuvres necessary to be introduced into the army, and serve as models for the execution of them. “They must be American-born. “”Put none but Americans on guard “came, because of the fear of foreign influence. “I do most devoutly wish that we had not a single foreigner amongst us, except the Marquis de Lafayette.” { Letter to Governor Morris, White Plains, July 24, 1778, by Geo. Washington} Thomas Jefferson recommended to the Postmaster General “to employ no foreigner, or revolutionary tory, in any of his offices.”This was in the olden time. Notwithstanding this,– concession followed concession, until the offices of the land were filled with foreigners, and American- born citizens were at a discount. Said Archbishop Hughes: “Irishmen in America are learning to bide their time. Year by year the Irish are becoming more and more powerful in America. At length the propitious time will come some accidental, sudden collision, and a Presidential campaign at hand. We will then use the very profligacy of our politicians for our purposes. They will want to buy the Irish vote, and we will tell them how they can buy it, in a lump, from Maine to California.”{Pp. 352}

At present, Washington is in the toils of Rome. The serpent has entwined its folds about the Capitol, and all who would have honor, peace or promotion must bend the neck. It was in 1855 a writer declared, that the National Administration was in the hands of a foreign, Roman-Catholic hierarchy. The Postmaster General was an Irish Roman Catholic at the dictation of the Pope of Rome, to obtain direct access to the postal concerns and dearest rights of the American people.”

In the State Department at Washington, not only a majority of the subordinates were foreign Roman Catholics, but they occupied the most important posts in the trust and confidence of the American Government. “Are you a Roman Catholic foreigner?”is the question put to the applicant, and, if answered in the affirmative, the sons of Revolutionary officers, who gave their houses to the flames and their bodies to the bayonet, are indecently thrust aside. Our naturalization laws are evaded criminals and paupers vote down Americans at the ballot-box. Public and free schools are antagonized, the Bible driven out, expelled and burned. The police of our large cities are largely foreigners; while at one time thirty-nine on the police force of New York were branded as criminals from the prisons of Europe. These are the hordes which rush to our shores for democratic liberty, and have imposed upon them by the Jesuit masters the obligation to go armed to the ballot-box, and vote for Rome at the dictation of the Pope, and against liberty – against the public school, and the best interests of their adopted country.

At least four-fifths of these aliens come to our shores to escape the persecution of the Papal despots at home, and to find refreshment in pastures green beyond the sea. These fill our poor-houses, our jails, prisons, and lunatic asylums; and why not? Jail birds are promised liberty if they will emigrate to America. In 1837 the Mayor of Baltimore detected a shipload of 260 persons, at Fort McHenry, who as criminals were brought into port in irons. The Mayor remonstrated, and asked Martin Van Buren to order them back; but he replied, that there was no power to prevent their landing, and so these miserable wretches were permitted to join the party that flattered the Rebellion and attempted to break up the union of States by breaking up the union of hearts. Through out Germany, as throughout Ireland, agents in the pay of steamship lines, who desired freight, advised the maimed, deformed, and crippled to take passage to Baltimore, New Orleans and Quebec, instead of New York, because in those places no laws exist to prevent their landing. Father Chiniquy relates, in his “Fifty Years in the Church of Rome,”these facts (pp 668-687):

“It was in the spring of 1852, a large assembly, composed principally of priests, met at Buffalo, to confer with D Arcy McGee, then editor of the free man’s Journal, in regard to peopling the prairies of the West with Irish Roman Catholics. He published several able articles to show that the Irish people, with very few exceptions, were demoralized, degraded, and kept poor, around their groggeries, and showed how they would thrive, become respectable and rich, if they could be induced to exchange their grog-shops for the fertile lands of the West. A large assembly gathered. Great was the disappointment of D Arcy McGee when he saw that the greatest part of those priests were sent by the bishops of the United States to oppose and defeat his plans.

“He vainly spoke, with burning eloquence, for his pet scheme. The majority coldly answered him: We are determined, like you, to take possession of the United States, and rule them; but we cannot do that without acting secretly, and with the utmost wisdom. If our plans are known, they will surely be defeated. What does a skillful general do when he wants to conquer a country? Does he scatter his soldiers over the farm-lands, arid spend their time and energy in ploughing the fields and sowing grain. No! He~ keeps them well united around his banners, and marches at their head to the conquest of the strongholds, the rich and powerful cities. The farming countries then submit, and become the price of his victory, without moving a finger to subdue them. So it is with us. Silently and patiently, we must mass our Roman Catholics in the great cities of the United States, remembering that the vote of a poor journeyman, though he be covered with rags, has as much weight in the scale of power as the Millionaire Astor, and if we have two votes against his one, he will become as powerless as an oyster. Let us then multiply our votes; let us call our poor but faithful Irish Catholics from every corner of the world, and gather them into the very hearts of those proud citadels which the Yankees are so rapidly building under the names of Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, Buffalo, Albany, Troy, Cinncinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, San Francisco, etc. Under the shadows of those great cities, the Americans consider themselves as a giant and unconquerable race. They look upon the poor Irish Catholic people with supreme contempt, as only fit to dig their canals, sweep their streets, and work in their kitchens. Let no one awake those sleeping lions, to-day. Let us pray God that they may sleep and dream their sweet dreams a few years more. How sad will be their awakening, when, with outnumbering votes, we will turn them out forever from every position of honor, power and profit! What will those hypocritical and godless sons and daughters of the fanatical Pilgrim Fathers say, when not a single judge, not a single teacher, not a single policeman will be elected if he be not a devoted Roman Catholic? What will those so-called giants think of our matchless shrewdness and ability, when not a single senator or member of Congress will be chosen, if he be not submitted to our holy father the Pope? What a sad figure those Protestant Yankees will cut when we will not only elect the President, but fill and command the armies, man the navies, and hold the keys of the public treasury! It will then be time for our faithful Irish people to give up their grog-shops, in order to become the judges and governors of the land. Then our poor and humble mechanics will leave their damp ditches and muddy streets, to rule the cities in all their departments, from the stately mansion of Mayor of New York, to the humble, though not less noble, position of teacher.

Then, yes! then, we will rule the United States, and lay them at the feet of the Vicar of Jesus Christ, that he may put an end to their godless system of education, and sweep away those impious laws of liberty of conscience, which are an insult to God and man! D Arcy McGee was left almost alone when the votes were taken. From that time the Catholic bishops and priests have gathered their legions into the great cities of the United States, and the American people must be blind indeed, if they do not see that, if they do nothing to prevent it, the day is very near when the Jesuits will rule this country, from the magnificent White House at Washington, to the humblest civil and military department of this vast Republic. They are already the masters of New York, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Paul, New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, Cincinnati, Albany, Troy, Buffalo, Cleveland, Milwaukee, St. Louis, San Francisco. Yes! San Francisco, the great queen of the Pacific, is in the hands of the Jesuits.

“From the very first days of the discovery of the gold mines of California, the Jesuits had the hope of becoming masters of these inexhaustible treasures, and they secretly laid their plans with the most profound ability and success. They saw at once that the great majority of the lucky miners, of every creed and nation, were going back home as soon as they had enough to secure an honorable competence to their families. The Jesuits saw at a glance that if they could persuade the Irish Catholics to settle and remain there, they would soon be masters and rulers of that Golden City, whose future is so bright, so great! And the scheme, worked day and night with the utmost perseverance, has been crowned with perfect success. The consequence is, that while you find only a few American, German, Scotch and English millionaires in San Francisco, you find more than fifty Irish Catholic millionaires in that city. Its richest bank (Nevada Bank) is in their hands, and so are all the street railways. The principal offices of the city are filled with Irish Roman Catholics. Almost all the police are composed of the same class, as well as the volunteer military organizations. Their compact unity in the hands of the Jesuits, with their enormous wealth, make them almost supreme masters of the mines of California and Nevada.

When one knows the absolute, abject submission of the Irish Roman Catholics, rich or poor, to their priests, how the mind, the soul, the will, the conscience, are firmly and irrevocably tied to the feet of the priests, he can easily understand that the Jesuits of the United States form one of the richest and most powerful corporations the world ever saw. “It is well known that fifty Catholic millionaires, with their myriads of employees, are, through their wives and by themselves, continually at the feet of the Jesuits, who swim in a golden sea.”No one, if he be not a Roman Catholic, or one of those so-called Protestants who give their daughters to the nuns and their sons to the Jesuits to be educated, has much hope, when the Jesuits rule, of having a lucrative office in the United States, to-day. It is to San Francisco that you must go to have an idea of the number of secret and powerful organizations with which the Church of Rome prepares herself for the impending conflict, through which she hopes to destroy the schools, and every vestige of human rights and liberties in the United States. Washington is the nerve-centre of the organism. Baltimore is the city in which the machinery of Rome lies concealed. If it is true that from this centre the war was planned to disrupt the Union, it ought to be known.

The Jesuits are a military organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father-abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is Power power in the most despotic exercise; absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms, and at the same time, the greatest and the most enormous of abuses. The General of the Jesuits insists on being master, sovereign over the sovereign. Wherever the Jesuits are admitted they will be masters, cost what it may. Their Society is by nature dictatorial; and, therefore, it is the irreconcilable enemy of all constituted authority. Every act, every crime, however atrocious, is a meritorious work, if committed for the interest of the Society of the Jesuits, or by the order of its General.

In the allocution of September, 1851, Pius IX. said: “That he had taken this principle for a basis, That the Catholic religion, with all its votes, ought to be exclusively dominant in such sort, so that every oilier worship shall be banished and interdicted.””You ask, if the Pope were lord of this land and you were in a minority, what he would do to you? That, we say, would entirely depend upon circumstances. If it would benefit the cause of Catholicism, he would tolerate you; if expedient, he would imprison or banish you, probably he might hang you. But be assured of one thing, he would never tolerate you for the sake of your glorious principles of civil and religious liberty.”

The Rambler, one of the most prominent Catholic papers of England, Sept. 1851, says: ” Without Romanism, the last awful civil war would have been impossible. The South would never have dared attack the North, had they not had the assurance from the Pope that the Jesuits, the bishops, the priests, and the whole people of the Church of Rome would help them. Because of this, the Roman Catholic Beaure-guard was chosen to fire the first gun at Sumter. The Pope of Rome was the only crowned prince in the whole world who recognized the Southern Confederacy, and the pirate ship Alabama was commanded by Admiral Semmes, a Roman Catholic. Rome has not changed. The enemy of liberty before the war, it seems inexplicable that the defenders of liberty, and the victorious champions of freedom, should so far forget history, and so utterly ignore the rights of the Republic, as to play into the hands of Rome, the eternal foe of the principles embodied in the Republic.

“Another fact, to which the American Protestants do not sufficiently pay attention is, that the Jesuits have been shrewd enough to have a vast majority of Roman Catholic generals and officers to command the army and man the navy of the United States.”

“Rome is a constant conspiracy against the rights and liberties of man all over the world; but she is particularly so in the United States. The laws of the church of Rome are in absolute antagonism to the laws and principles which are the foundation- stones of the Constitution of the United States.”

The United States affirm the equality of all citizens before the law. Rome denies it. Liberty of conscience is proclaimed by the United States. Rome declares it to be a godless, unholy, and diabolical thing. Separation of Church and State is an American doctrine. Rome is for the union. The State is but the annex. The church is all in all.

The Constitution of the United States fights persecution for opinion’s sake; Rome champions it.

The United States seeks, through the public school, to secure the education of all the children. Rome curses the public schools, and seeks to supplant them with others in which Romanism shall be taught.

The United States recognizes in the people the primary source of civil power. Rome proclaims this principle heretical and impious. She says that “all government must rest upon the foundation of the Catholic faith, with the Pope alone as the legitimate and infallible source and interpreter of the law.”

All this shows that Rome is the absolute and irreconcilable foe of the United States. Being entrenched in Washington and feared there, it is feared throughout the Republic. Beaten there, its defeat will not be difficult elsewhere.

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