The Serpent around the Capitol of Washington

To write the history of Jesuitism is to give in detail the record of sanctified scoundrelism, as with the face of a saint and the heart of a devil it has lived and wrought in this world, to do its worst against Christianity, brotherly love, manhood and rightness.

This is an awful charge. But it is also an awful failure of language when the attempt is made to tell the truth concerning this monster of iniquity. Jesuitism proves that, in human debasement, incarnate fiendishness and devilish capacity for being bad, man in the nineteenth century is equal to any horrid character that may have figured on the historic page.


A cannon-shot hit the leg of a scoundrel instead of his head, as in Spain he stood before Pampileuno’s walls. For religion, catholicity and man, that was the unluckiest cannon-shot recorded in history ; for when the tibia of the wounded patient knitted they marvelously supported the body of a man who with the heart of a devil has been permitted to masquerade in the robes of a saint. Those familiar with jail philosophy can well appreciate the impulse which drives the criminal, convicted of thieving or burglary, or murder, and on the verge of the tomb, to indulge in fancies of huger thieving, or a crueler and more infamous murder, and to long for life or unshackled arms that he might become pre-eminently notorious by its enactment. Now such a thought came over the brain of Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Order, profanely called, of Jesus, and he recovered and was successful. The Jesuit University is built in Washington as Conspiracy Hall, in hopes that liberty may be throttled in its stronghold. Loyola took the name of Jesuits for his Order, because of pretended visions of God, the Father, who is claimed to have appeared visibly to him, and desired His Son, Jesus Christ, who stood by laden with a heavy cross, to take special care of him and his companions, which Christ promised to do. They are dangerous, because they declare no villainy, no treachery, nor cruelty to be criminal, provided it tends to the benefit of their Society.

In 1762, the King and Parliament of France were moved against the Order, and to be satisfied as to the grounds of complaint against it, they appointed a commission, consisting of five princes of the blood, four peers of France, seven presidents of the court, thirteen counsellors of the grand chamber, and four teen other functionaries. This commission examined one hundred and forty-seven Jesuit authors of celebrity, and in their report they say: “This perversity of the doctrine maintained constantly, and with out interruption, by the priests, scholars, and others styling themselves of the Society of Jesus, would destroy the natural law, that rule of life which God himself has written in the heart of man ; and, as a natural result, would break all the bonds of civil society, authorize theft, perjury, impurity, the most criminal, and, generally, every passion and every crime, by teaching secret compensation, equivocation, mental reservation ; would uproot every feeling of humanity among men, by favoring homicide and parricide ; in fact, would overturn the principles and practices of religion, and substitute in its stead all kinds of superstition, by favoring magic, blasphemy, irreligion, and idolatry.* Clement XIV., in his bull suppressing the Order, declares that it has been censured by Popes Urban XII., Clement X., XI., XII., Alexander VII., VIII., Innocent IX., XII., XIII., and Benedict XII., and then proceeds by saying: ” After a mature deliberation, we do, of our certain knowledge and the fulness of our apostolic power, suppress and abolish the said Society. We deprive it of all activity whatever of its houses, schools, colleges, hospitals, lands, and, in short, of every place whatsoever, in whatever kingdom or province they may be situated. We abrogate and annul its statutes, rules, customs, decrees, and constitutions, even though confirmed by oath, and approved by the Holy See, or otherwise. We declare all and all kind of authority, the general, the provincial, the visitors, and other superiors of said Society, to be forever annulled and extinguished, of whatever nature soever the authority may be ; as well in things spiritual and temporal.”

Be it remembered, that – up to A.D. 1860, this Order of persons had been expelled no less than seventy times from countries in which they had been living and applying their principles, and that these were almost all Roman Catholic countries ; and yet they have a most popular church in Washington, a college in Georgetown, and now are building the University, with the countenance of the representatives of the Great Republic, in less than a quarter of a century after their assassination of Abraham Lincoln !

Let us learn how they train men for infamous deeds.

Behold them consecrating the dagger of the assassin for, perhaps, some man now under the ban.

* Letters of Marcus, pp. 106.

The following is the Jesuit’s manner of consecrating both the persons and weapons employed for the murdering of kings and princes by them accounted heretics. The person whose silly reasons the Jesuits have overcome with their more potent arguments is immediately conducted into their sanctum sanctorum, designed for prayer and meditation. There the dagger is produced, carefully wrapt up in a linen safe guard, enclosed in an iron sheath, engraven with several enigmatical characters, and accompanied with an Agnus Dei; certainly, a most monstrous confutation so unadvisedly to intertwine the height of murderous villainy and the most sacred emblem of meekness together. The dagger, unsheathed, is hypocritically bedewed with holy water, and the handle, adorned with a certain number of coral beads, put into his hand, thereby assuring the credulous fool that as many effectual stabs as he gives the assassinated prince, so many souls he should redeem out of purgatory on his own account. Then they deliver the dagger into the homicide’s hands, with a solemn recommendation, in these words :

“Elected son of God, receive the sword of Jephthah; the sword of Samson, which was the jawbone of an ass; the sword of David, wherewith he smote off the head of Goliath ; the sword of Gideon ; the sword of Judith ; the sword of the Maccabees ; the sword of Pope Julius II., wherewith he cut off the lives of several princes, his enemies, filling whole cities with slaughter and blood. Go forth prudently, courageously, and the Lord strengthen thine arm.”

Which being pronounced, they all fall upon their knees, and the Superior of the Jesuits pronounces the following exorcism :

” Attend, O ye Cherubim ; descend and be present, O Seraphim. You thrones, you powers, you holy angels, come down and fill this blessed vessel the parricide with eternal glory ; and daily offer to him (for it is but a small reward) the crown of the blessed Virgin Mary, and of all the holy patriarchs and martyrs. He is no more concerned among us ; he is now of your celestial fraternity. And thou, O God, most terrible and inaccessible, who yet has revealed to this instrument of thine, in thy dedicated place of our prayer and meditation, that such a prince is to be cut off as a tyrant and a heretic, and his do minions to be translated to another line, confirm and strengthen, we beseech thee, this instrument of thine, whom we have consecrated and dedicated to that sacred office, that he may be able to accomplish thy will. Grant him the habergeon of thy divine omni-potency, that he may be enabled to escape the hands of his pursuers. Give him wings, that he may avoid the designs of all that lie in wait for his destruction. Infuse into his soul the beams of thy consolation, to uphold and sustain the weak palace of his body ; that, contemning all fears, he may be able to show a cheerful and lively countenance in the midst of present torments or prolonged imprisonments ; and that he may sing and rejoice with a more than ordinary exultation, whatever death he undergoes.”

This exorcism being finished, the parricide is brought to the altar, over which, at that time, hangs a picture containing the story of James Clement, a Dominican friar, with the figures of several angels protecting him and conducting him to heaven. This Clement was accounted a blessed martyr for his barbarous murder of Henry III., King of France. This picture the Jesuits show their cully ; and, at the same time, presenting him with a celestial coronet, rehearse these words : ” Lord, look down and behold this arm of thine, the executioner of thy justice ; let all thy saints arise, and give place to him ; ” which ceremonies being ended, there are five Jesuits deputed to converse with him, and keep the parricide company ; who, in their common discourse, make it their business, upon all occasions, to fill his ears with their divine wheedles ; making him believe that a certain celestial splendor shines in his countenance, by the beams whereof they are so overawed as to throw themselves down before him and kiss his feet ; that he appears no more a mortal, but is transfigured into a Deity ; and, lastly, in a deep dissimulation, they bewail themselves, and feign a kind of envy at the happiness and eternal glory which he is so suddenly to enjoy ; exclaiming thus before the credulous wretch : ” Would to God the Lord had chosen me in thy stead, and had so ordained it by these means, that being free from the pains of purgatory, I might go directly, without let, to paradise.” But if the persons whom they imagined proper to attempt the parricide prove anything squeamish or reluctant to their exhortations, then, by nocturnal scare crows and affrighting apparitions, or by the suborned appearances of the Holy Virgin, or some other of the saints, even of Ignatius Loyola himself, or some of his most celebrated associates, they terrify the soon retrieved misbeliever into a compliance with a ready- prepared oath, which they force him to take, and thereby they animate and encourage his staggering resolution. Thus these villainous and impious doctors in the arts of murder and parricide, sometimes by the terrors of punishment, sometimes by the allurements of merit, inflame the courage of the unwary, and, having entangled them in the grooves of sacrilegious and bloody attempts, precipitate both soul and body into eternal damnation.

This is the method by which Jesuits clear themselves from their enemies. How happy, then, must that nation be, where Loyalists flourish !

Add to this the Jesuit’s oath, and the peril seems increased : “I do renounce and disown any allegiance as due to any heretical king, prince or state named Protestant, or obedience to any of their inferior magistrates or officers.”

“I do further declare that the doctrine of the Church of England, the Calvinists, Huguenots, and of others of the name of Protestants, to be damnable ; and they themselves are damned and to be damned that will not forsake the same.

” I do further declare, that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of His Holiness agents, in any place wherever I shall be, to extirpate the heretical Protestant doctrine ; and to destroy all their pretended powers, regal or otherwise.

“I do further promise and declare, that notwithstanding I am dispensed with to assume any religion heretical, for the purpose of propagating of the Mother Church’s interest, to keep secret and private all her agents councils, from time to time as they intrust me, and not to divulge, directly or indirectly, by words, writing, or circumstance whatsoever, but to execute all that shall be proposed, given in charge or discovered unto me, by you, my ghostly adviser, or any of this sacred convent. All this I swear, by the blessed Trinity and blessed Sacrament, which I am about to receive, to perform, and on my part to keep inviolably ; and do call all the heavenly and glorious host of heaven to witness these my real intentions, to keep this my oath.

” In testimony whereof, I take this most holy and blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, and witness the same further with my hand and seal, in the holy convent, this day of A.D.,” etc.

This oath evidences that every Jesuit is a traitor to the play, ready at any moment to perform any act that will further the interests of his order. It permits him to be a hypocrite, and to profess religion simply to plot against it and overthrow it. Jesuitism makes religion a pretense and a sham and plotting and rascality a business, and yet it runs the Church of Rome, and is treated by one of the great political parties as an ally worthy of confidence and support. Why were the Jesuits reinstated by Pio Nono, and confirmed in their position by Leo XIII? To answer this-question, we must go back to 1868. Then, to take away the States of the Church from the rule of the Pope, was to bring universal crash to every European empire. Fortunately, Emperor William had no faith in such prognostications. Within the Church of Rome was a conflict as to the propriety of pronouncing the Pope infallible. Discussion went on throughout the Roman Catholic world. The prophecy of Paul, in 2 Thess. 2:3,4, was to be fulfilled ; “the man of sin, the son of perdition,” was to ” exalt himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped ; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.” This was fulfilled in A. D. 1870. Two hundred thousand people have borne Pio Nono to his throne in St. Peter’s and worshipped him as God. He is absolute in power. French bayonets uphold his temporal power. It looks as if the Pope was supreme.

Open again the Word of God to Rev. 17:11, and read the doom of Louis Napoleon, ” the beast that was,” is Napoleon I ; “and is not,” for there was a time when the Napoleonic power was out of sight and out of mind. After which, Louis Napoleon climbed to power, betrayed Mazzini, and Garibaldi in Italy, became the beast upon which the Harlot of the Tiber rode ; ” and is the eighth and is of the seven,” for it will be remembered, he built on the Napoleonic dynasty, and went to perdition. This is prophecy. Read a page from history. The Minister of France walks in the palace-yard of Emperor William and makes a remark which gives offence. Napoleon had boasted of his prowess, and thought a war only was necessary to make him Master of Prussia, as was his uncle before him. Emperor William resented the affront and rebuked the speaker. As a result, war was declared ; and the German army, as if on a picnic- excursion, overran France, encamped at Versailles, and took possession of Paris, and Louis Napoleon as an exile disappeared from the affairs of Europe. The army of France was withdrawn. The army of Victor Emmanuel was invited by the people of the States of the Church to enter Eome as King of Italy. He came. The Pope retired to the Vatican as the spiritual sovereign of Roman Catholics, but as temporal ruler no more.

It was to the Pope a humiliation, and, perhaps, prepares the way for his destruction. Without an army, without support, he turned to the only power in the world in which he could trust to do the work of conspirators, assassins, and revolutionists, the Jesuits. He reinstated them. They be came the right arm of his strength, and have been seeking his restoration to temporal power. Every one who knows what their principles and history are, will feel satisfied that, like the Indian boomerang, they are much more likely to injure the hand that uses them than those whom they are employed to oppose. The condition of the Pope is pitiable. He lives, as it were, on sufferance ; no longer the mighty and powerful ruler of the past, but influential simply because of his power outside of Rome, not inside. The Bible has entered Rome, the Word of God is not bound.

We have been accustomed to bless God for that fatherly care of Divine Providence, which neither allowed the era of American colonization to be hastened, nor that of the Reformation to be deferred. Had these events been differently arranged, it has been said had Spanish blood, and not English, flowed in the veins of our first settlers, or had the Mayflower borne to our shores the foundations of a Catholic colony, and had Roger Williams been a Jesuit missionary or had the schemes of French conquest, that would have made Canada but the starting point of North American empire, been successful, how different had been the annals of the country, and the entire race ! All that reads well. But when we remember that Providence, R. I., is almost a Roman Catholic town that a bishop was recently installed there in the presence of all the magnates of the state, and that Washington is in the lap of Rome, it becomes us not to boast of deliverance, but to recall our peril and prepare to resist the encroachments of liberty’s foe. Remember, that the Jesuits ruling Washington may dispense with all laws, human and divine, dissolve all oaths and vows, and free men in the Cabinet of the President from the obligations which bind other men. So soon as a city or country is under their control, no member of the community can promise to himself security, either to his life, honor, or estate. Nay, the person of the President is not exempted from danger, when he is once the object of Jesuitical spleen.

Shall Jesuits be welcomed or expelled? is the question which is yet to agitate the people of the United States. Up to the present time, so great has been the love of liberty in the hearts of the people, that they have tolerated with impunity anarchists, revolutionists, and Jesuits. The idea of suppression for opinion’s sake has been repugnant to the sentiment of the majority. But a reaction is setting in. The people begin to see that it is cowardice to throw up the hands at the dicta of this blood-stained crowd, and permit them to scuttle the ship on which we are making a common voyage. Self-preservation, if nothing else, will compel the people of the United States to take the most stringent measures against the evil of the time, and to give even clearer scrutiny to the methods and principles and conduct of the Jesuits. They work in darkness, and they oppose the truth. Seven millions of people in free America, and 250,000,000 throughout the world, are ruled by their mandate. The Pope has enthroned them in power and reinstated them in all their former possessions. With the people over whom they have control, argument goes for nothing. The needs of the country are cast aside as unworthy of regard. The requirements of the church is their all and in all. Oaths are valueless, if to keep them imperils the Order, or the church. Their history is a continued series of associations, massacres of innocent people, conspiracies and machinations against existing laws and orders. The masses they have incited to revolt, and the rulers to bloody and fruitless wars. Corruption they sow broadcast over the land in order to further their doctrines of treason, perjury, falsehood, and murder. Brazen as they are, they use their power of religion as a cloak to hide their sins against God, and their sins against man. Today their one object of detestation is the public school system of the United States. They see that the education of the masses is their ruination. In the South there are millions of freedmen growing up in ignorance, owing to the inability of the several States to educate them. Well has the Hon. Henry W. Blair, in the Senate, called attention to the duty of the nation to educate the rising generation. “It is of very little consequence,” said the Senator, ” relatively, what becomes of the present generation. What we are, we are, and are likely to be ; but it is of great importance what shall be the fate of the future, which depends so largely upon the conduct of the present. The real question is, whether this generation, with natural powers for the control of the destiny of the country for the time being, is to make that provision for the generation to come which has been made for the generation existing by those who have preceded it ; whether this generation, so far as it has the capacity to do so, is to make better preparation for the discharge of its duties on the part of the coming generation, so far as it should be made, than was made by those who preceded us.” If the Christian and intelligent people of the United States are not awake to the importance of this measure, the Jesuits are. They saw from the first that Romanism is doomed, if the people of this land are to be educated. Jesuitism understands that a great fight is already out lining itself for the future between the common schools of the United States and Romanism. Jesuitism is not afraid. She fights education openly and secretly. Said Senator Blair: “Upon this very floor, soon after we had passed this bill, full two years ago, and while it was in the hands of a packed committee in the House of Representatives, where it was finally strangled, on this very floor, a senator showed me a letter which I read with my own eyes, the original letter of a Jesuit priest, in which he begged a member of Congress to oppose this bill and to kill it, saying, that they had organized all over the country “for its destruction ; that they succeeded in the committees of the House, and they would destroy the bill inevitably ; and if they had only known it early enough, they could have prevented its passing through the Senate. They have begun in season this time ; but they will not destroy this bill.

“Twelve years ago, when I was a member of the House of Representatives, and when we were under taking to enact a constitutional amendment which was to prevent the appropriation of public money to the support of sectarian schools in this country, a friend of mine pointed out to me upon that floor nine Jesuits, who were there log-rolling against that proposed amendment of the Constitution. There in Washington is that Jesuit organization which has set out to control this country, which has been repudiated by every free country, Catholic and Protestant, in the Old World : they have come to our borders ; they are among us today, and to stay ; and they understand that they are to secure the control of this continent, by destroying the public school system of America. They are engaged in that nefarious, wicked work. And as Jesuits have been expelled from the Old World, let me say, the time is soon coming when the Jesuits will be looked upon as more the enemy of this country than is the Anarchist today. And the process either of their expulsion, or of their conversion, will be the one in which the American people will sometime be engaged, unless the Order change their programme and their work.”

Brave words were these of Senator Blair, the bravest spoken for many a day ! The Senate passed the Bill. When it went to the House, the Jesuits again showed their hand. The Presidential election being near, made men careful. The usual Jesuit lobby was present, and the bill was referred to a committee appointed by the Jesuits servant, the Speaker of the House, where it will lie until the citizens awake to their peril, and send men to Congress less susceptible to Jesuitical influence. The speech was delivered Feb. 15th, 1888. On May 25th, 1888, Mr. Blair introduced the following joint resolution ; which was read twice, and ordered to lie on the table :



“Resolved by the /Senate and House of Representatives of the United /States of America in Congress assembled (two-thirds of each House concurring therein) , That, the following amendment to the Constitution of the United States be, and hereby is, proposed to the States, to become valid when ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the States, as provided in the Constitution :


” SECTION 1. No State shall ever make or maintain any law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

” SEC. 2. Each State in this Union shall establish and maintain a system of free public schools, adequate for the education of all the children living therein, between the ages of six and sixteen years, inclusive, in the common branches of knowledge, and in virtue, morality, and the principles of the Christian religion. But no money raised by taxation imposed by law, or any money or other property or credit belonging to any municipal organization, or to any State, or to the United States, shall ever be appropriated, applied, or given to the use or purposes of any school, institution, corporation, or person, whereby instruction or training shall be given in the doctrines, tenets, beliefs, ceremonials, or observances peculiar to any sect, denomination, organization, or society, being, or claiming to be, religious in its character, nor shall such peculiar doctrines, tenets, beliefs, ceremonials, or observances, be taught or inculcated, in the free public schools.

” SEC. 3. To the end that each State, the United States, and all the people thereof, may have and preserve governments republican in form and in substance, the United States shall guaranty to every State, and to the people of every State and of the United States, the support and maintenance of such a system of free public schools as is herein provided.

” SEC. 4. That Congress shall enforce this article by legislation when necessary.” Another plot. The Jesuits have formed a colonization scheme, with a capital of $2,000,000, to aid Romanists in getting control of the South.


All the Southern States were represented except Florida, Texas and Arkansas, and most, if not all the great Southern railroad corporations were like wise represented by their Presidents or other officers. The following is taken from the Atlanta Evening Journal of April 26th, being part of the report of that paper :

“ Gov. Fitzhugh Lee, of Virginia, was selected as President. Committees on business and resolutions were appointed by the delegations from the respective States. Col. W. P. Price was made the chairman of the Georgia delegation, and Mr. Sandy Cohen, of Augusta, selected as secretary. Governor J. B. Gordon, Bishop Becker, Patrick Walsh, and E. P. Howell, were chosen as the Committee for Georgia. Interesting addresses were made by Cardinal Gibbons, Rt. Rev. Bishop Kane of West Virginia, Rt. Rev. Bishop Northup of South Carolina, and Governors Gordon of Georgia and Richard son of South Carolina. The speech of Gov. Gordon is especially highly commended.

“At the night session, the Immigration Committee adopted the following resolutions : “Resolved, That an Immigration Society be established, with headquarters in the city of New York, to be styled The Southern Immigration Association.

“Resolved, That this Association be placed under the care of a board of directors, composed of one member of each Southern railroad or other corporation, trade, industrial or other organization in each state, county, city or town, situated east of the Mississippi river, that will contribute the sum of $1,000 towards the expenses of said Association on or before July 1st next, and that on the second Tuesday of July, 1888, the board so constituted shall meet in New York, and proceed to organize, and adopt such by-laws, rules and regulations as may be necessary for its government.

“Resolved, That until such organization is perfected, Major John D. Kelly, Jr., be constituted chief of the Association, with power to call the board together whenever said contributions from railroads or other corporations, trades, industrial or other organizations of states, cities, counties and towns, shall have reached the aggregate sum of $20,000 ; and when such call has been made, the board of directors shall proceed immediately to perfect a permanent organization, as provided for in the second resolution.

* Resolved, That immediately upon adoption of these resolutions, the Secretary of the convention shall give notice of the same to the Governor of each of the Southern States, to the President of each of the Southern railroads, and to the Mayor of every city, and to every town in the Southern States east of the Mississippi River, having a population of 5,000 or more, and to solicit the co-operation of said officers in furthering the objects of this convention.”

The central office of this association is located at New York.

Concerning this convention, it is meet that all should be informed. It met April 25, 1888, at Hot Springs, North Carolina. There were present the cardinal, bishops, priests, politicians and railroad men. The object for which the conference was called was the consideration of Catholic immigration to the South.

Slavery, whatever were its evils, fenced off Roman immigration from Europe, and threw it North, so that, of the 16,000,000 foreigners who have come to the country, not more than 600,000 have settled in the Southern States.

It is known that the negroes in the South are Republicans ; and if their votes are counted they will become a power. The Jesuits attempt to offset this by a foreign vote. Romanism is advancing through our open gates like a mighty force, bulldozing and corrupting our legislators, and demanding privileges and exemptions for itself which no other sect would do. How long will it be before the Jesuits shall engineer bills through the halls of Congress as they have done in New York?


Cardinal Gibbons has just returned from the South. Regarding the immigration convention held recently at Hot Springs, N. C., he says: “The class of immigrants that the convention wants to bring among the people of the South are thrifty and well-to-do natives of Ireland and Germany. We do not want anarchists or paupers. The South needs development badly, and I know of no better way than to offer inducements to honest emigrants. I deny that the movement is one to increase the power of the Catholic Church in the South, other than what legitimate increase may follow from such. The Church upholds the law, and that should be sufficient guaranty to any intelligent mind of the sincerity and honesty of our purpose.” Will the American people be deceived by this Jesuitical special pleading for this Romish scheme ?


A recent writer has said, that in expelling the Jesuits, not alone all Protestant Americans would unite, but thousands upon thousands of the most intelligent members of the Roman Catholic Church would join hands. Jesuitism is almost as dangerous to them as to Protestants. There is no religion in Jesuitism. It is foreign to the principles of the gospel, inimical to liberty, and a conspirator against the State. Because of their insatiate greed for power and influence, they have been feared, hated, driven out. It is believed that it will be so in this, free land. Some deed will be performed, some word spoken, which shall uncover the traitor ; when the American people will arise and make short work of the invader that seeks to crush out freedom, that despotism resting on ignorance, on superstition and error, may thrive. The cry will yet be heard : “Expel the Jesuits.” Then, vox populi shall be the vox Dei.

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