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How to Install Elementary Pantheon Desktop on Fedora — 5 Comments

  1. Hi James,
    Followed your guide on how to install on fedora. It’s running great on fedora 25.
    I’m running into a brick wall though on how to enable the screen lock or a screensaver,
    my screen stays on unless I finally just turn off the monitor when I’m away. Any ideas?

    Thanks for posting this.

    • I an not using either Fedora 25 or Elementary Pantheon Desktop at this time and therefore cannot tell you specifically how ti access features, but I am sure you can power down the monitor by going to the power settings if you can find it.

  2. I tried with Fedora 27 and after the reboot I selected “Pantheon” followed by login credentials from login window. But it is leading to a blank window.

    Any Idea, whats wrong?

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