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Japanese Summer Festivals Are Linked to Hebrew Old Testament Traditions! — 5 Comments

  1. Tremendous! I had similar experiences which I’d love to share on this, that there are ancient Hebrew roots in Japan regarding their festivals. Can I repost this to my site with a link? Also I’d love to make a youtube video with the audio just reading your page and adding your pictures. What do you think, Brother James? GBY!

  2. Thank you dear Brother! And let’s keep praying this internet keeps workign while the govt. is pushing to regulate everything! I’m sure the Enemy is threatened by something the Lord wants to do through it. Can’t wait to see what else God has up his sleeve! You have tons of great articles here. Any in particular you’d like recorded and posted up on youtube? It’s just audio, but I have 1300 subscribers and it’ll get some attention, I suppose. Lots of people find things on youube they otherwise wouldn’t go read elsewhere, so this has been my latest experiment.

    Just let me know if there are any specific articles you’d like to have up on youtube, and I’ll link to your site!

    Blessings from Taiwan!

    • Michael, from the recent articles I have been posting, you might know I’m really into the historicist interpretation of Bible prophecy these days. This is opposed to what is called “futurism”, i.e. the concept that the Antichrist is a single man coming only in the future, the last 7 years of man’s rule on earth just before Jesus comes. I used to believe this for it is what DBB taught us, and I still love him, but now I think dear Dad was misled by Jesuit doctrine that seeped into Protestant churches. It was the early Protestant interpretation of Daniel 9:27 that really convinced me of that. Please see http://jamesjpn.net/basic-bible/eschatology/the-70th-week-of-daniel-delusion That article is among the list of featured articles you can find in the side bar of my website. That or any of the featured articles would be cool if you want to share them on your YouTube channel.

      • very interesting, I’m open to seeing other interpretations and will do so later when I have the time. I finally got around to editing together a short video with the above, of course I ended up commenting on a lot of things, sorry for running off on a tangent! Other people are enjoying the content though and it’s a lot of fun to continue to explore and discover more of the mysteries in the Word together!


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