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Mid Winter Hitchhike Adventure to Aomori — 1 Comment

  1. Traveling is a great way to learn about the local people. I used to jest & journey with James back in the 70’s which gives away my age & indicates how long I’ve been in Japan, but I have no moss on my body, acually less & less hair, here & there. But I used to travel with James back in those days & he taught me a lot about the language & how to win friends. James the journery-man. People in Tohoku have a different mentality than that of Kanto or other big cities. The challenge to survive is more real & people will help strangers whether local or non-Japanese. Plus, people who eat apples tend to be healthy & sweeter. Could it be that the original Japanese flag was representing the red apples of Aomori? Home is where the heart is, where the hearth is, where the welcome sign is never taken down. Thumbs up for James and his pioneering spirit!

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