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Perecentage of Obese People per Country — 2 Comments

  1. It’s not just sugar. It is much more the high-fructose corn syrup, which makes them stupid too, they use as sweetener in too many foods in the US & other Western countries.
    And then the MSG they put in which makes them want to eat even more tacos and more mega-hamburgers and multiple plates of chips and drink more Coke that actually makes you MORE thirsty to drink even more of the stuff. And so they get enlarged stomachs that need to be stapled down, or they try to remedy it by drinking Diet (DIE-IT) Coke with Aspartame that can even kill you through ethanol poisoning. And most American foods contains 95 % GMO Soy that causes organ damage and feminises boys and gives one cancer.
    It is American/Costco type food that is the clap-trap! Shun it! I personally only take sugar mouth re-fresheners out of fear of Aspartame that fills 75 % of all Wrigley chewing gums and pop sodas. They are killing us!

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