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Coconut oil reverses man’s Alzheimer’s! — 10 Comments

      • I have a skype name of a guy in the Phillipines who will send you a gallon Virgin oil pretty cheap in a jerrycan, if you have someone there to ship it for you. His skype name is “COCOWONDER”. I am still considering to order a gallon myself. That was the cheapest I could find, and you can talk with him.

        • I contacted him and it turns out he’ll be in Tokyo next month!! We already worked out a meeting place and date. Thank you so much for introducing me to him!!! The prices for his products are so cheap, and he already has a stock on hand in Japan!

  1. Coconut oil is very good for hair & brain.In south India people use for cooking also. It keeps your hair healthy and black.

  2. Hello,
    Where I can find virgin coconut oil in Japan? Last week i went in some store and got 1l coconut oil ,but was not virgin or extra virgin, it has no smell,taste. Maybe National Supermarket in Azabu may have?
    Help please!

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