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WordPress webmaster woes — 2 Comments

  1. I would like to get a more professional site going, perhaps wordpress isn’t the answer? I am so thankful for you, Brother James, you are so saavy on these types of things and you’re also humble enough to share your experiences with hosting a big website like this one and DeepTruths.com . . . I have enjoyed the free blog setup they have though, and found a lot of good uses with it. Your site just has so much more character to it, though. Hopefully someday we’ll have more disciples like you witnessing like this online! I think that day is coming soon!

    • Thank you, M, for your encouragement! I am experimenting now with Drupal CMS. It has a function that makes it easier to publish books in chapters. WordPress cannot easily do that by default. However with the aid of a plugin it can. But Drupal is not nearly as easy to work with as WordPress. I still haven’t figured out some essential things. I also tried Joomla but consider it overly complicated. So far WordPress has been the best for me. I’m still sticking to it for now.

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