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The situation of my family and friends after the Sendai earthquake — 7 Comments

  1. Dear James,
    Would it be possible for you to get more inside info from Japanese sources about the Nuke plant, as people in Taiwan are of course also very concerned, and we have family near Tokyo. There is a lot of fear mongering going on. Austria is in panic mode evacuating all citizens from Asia, and distributing Iodine to their people. The most sensible report I got was from an expert on CNN, but it would be nice to get some Japanese experts. But even one of those was a real fear monger and assuming the worst. Forgot his name. 10.000 by the way are missing, and could be dead! So weeping may endure for the poor victims survivors. We are praying for the nuclear station and hoping for some journalism from your side. If you have a chance! Lots of love and prayers. How is the family in Sendai holding out? Bye for now

    • True journalism means doing the footwork and meeting the people in question face to face and doing interviews. Sorry but I cannot do that. I’m not anywhere near Tohoku now, but in Osaka. My source of information is no different than yours.

      I hear my friends in Sendai are all OK, thanks be to God!

  2. I’ve been watching CNN all day while sitting in my friends home in Osaka. Normally I don’t give much credibility to CNN reporting, but they do seem to be doing a good job covering the earthquake and the tsunami. There was a telephone interview with a man from the nuclear power plant. He certainly wasn’t talking fear. They seem to have the situation under control.

  3. Hello James,

    So glad to hear you are okay <3 Havent talked in'a while & I still think about you and keeping ALL in my prayers 🙂 I just found out that for 10 days all calls to Japan are FREE, Woot Woot!

    Stay safe,
    Love Always~ Wendy/Flavory

    • Wendy, I’m so glad you still love me and have been following my blog. Thank you so much for sending the donation to Help Japan 2011. I am honored to be a part of this project. So far including your donation, we raised nearly $600, praise the Lord! You can be sure that every penny of it will go to the purpose it was given for.

      • Your Welcome, James 🙂 And thats GREAT! GOD Bless every penny 🙂 Every gift you recieve is ganna get a Strong Blessing back 🙂 I love this new page of yours, its awesome. Please b careful and take care o yourself, love you 🙂

  4. Hi James,
    How are you?
    There used to be a couple named “Noah and Precious” in Japan. However, they discontinued their membership and communications with the Family International several years ago. Apparently, they were living in Sendai, but I am no certain how long ago. Perhaps, is there a possibility of any knowledge his full name? He is my alleged father, and I’ll trying to track him down. It’s just slightly impossible not having a full name.
    If you have a reference of someone else that could assist me with a name, I would truly grateful.
    Thank you once again for your time.Marie

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