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Was 911 partly a staged illusion? — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for the video. I am glad you put a fair balance into it as a lot of the supposed 9/11 truthers use yellow journalism of their own to put out hate propaganda to make the *Right Wingers* look evil and the Left Wingers look like perfect angels of light that can do no harm.

    In reality both political parties are war mongers using different avenues for global takeovers pretending to be opposite sites (Sides) as they know how easy it is to manipulate Americans because of their sports mentality or idol worshiping.

    They have made it so schools teach us to be materialistic and pit us against *Monopolies and Socialists* which both are bad for the economy.

    These groups are using it to their advantage as we remain asleep behind the wheel and to make further conflict the politicians allow hints and pieces of the cover up to be known hoping to start race riots like the Occupy This and Black Panthers type groups against people who demand a simple government.

    They can’t declare Martial law too soon as they know as long as we have food too many people will fight back so they want us to be sick and starving before they take over.

    They are waiting till the world is over crowded and there is no more land before unleashing their Agenda 21 End Game setting up The Beast super computer.

    Sorry for my late night rant but I am fed up about all this and most sites have broken comment systems or comment systems that make you go thru 5 different steps.

  2. In my professional opinion, there were no aircraft. I decided to research flt 93 because I believed it was shot down. Original news reports stated that the passengers attempted to overtake the cockpit and the acft was flown into the ground. The news presented photos of the “crash site” and I questioned the original reports. Mentally, I concluded it was shot down and justified the action; sacrifice a few to save many. Sometime after the NTSB released their report on flt 93 I reviewed the findings and as I suspected, the event occurred in the air as evidenced by debris located 3-5 miles away from the crash site. I even watched a video of two navy pilots claiming they shot down flt 93. I suppose I was satisfied knowing my suspicions were validated but for whatever reason, something seemed amiss. I must have watched the pilots confession video 6 times, in as many days, before my mind would admit they were lying. At this point in my investigations of flt 93, cognitive dissonance is starting to hit hard. I studies the crash site, the passengers, videos, witness statements, calls made from the acft during the takeover, and especially CC Lyles the flt attendant. I tossed 93 to the side and looked at the pentagon, then the acfts that hit the towers and back to flt 93. I knew there was no way the plane took down the towers. It was a controlled demo. Where were the engines, the wings, shoes from deceased passengers? All 4 black boxes gone. We can find a black box in the deepest abyss of the ocean, the remotest part on a blizzard covered mountain top but we can’t find one black box from 4 acft? Impossible! My mind was fighting reality. I saw the acft hit the towers. I saw it! The passengers looked alike, according to CC Lyles drivers license address, she lived on an empty lot in a busy city! It can’t be! BUT IT IS!! I collapsed, hyperventilated, and crawled to the bathroom retching. After I regained some control from utter shock at the knowledge that my government was involved and the enormity of it all. It took sometime but I had to deal with the truth. America was a lie. Everything was a lie! My world was a lie! I saw the truth – extremely painful, terrifying, too unbelievable to be true – but it was. My life was forever changed. That was 5 years ago and since that day when I woke up to a nightmare called reality, I’ve dedicated my life to researching the truth. Not too much shocks me these days but it’s still very painful. But the pain and heartbreak is not for my government, it’s for those who suffer at their hands. Peace Out

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