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The meaning of the United Nations Logo — 6 Comments

  1. Hi James, do you have any scripture that brings you to the conclusion that “the image of jealousy” is God’s throne. Someone else said recently that they thought it is the obelisk/masonic phallic symbol. Just a thought (mine)…maybe it’s the image that is mentioned in Revelations 13:14-16. Another interesting thought re the image of Revelations: Alexander Hislop in his book The Two Babylon’s suggests that the image of Revelations may be an image of Mary (the false Mary of course). If so, It could be a computerised Mary Image. Interesting the info about the logo of UN. I hate this organization with its usurping of God’s righteousness and replacing it with man’s righteousness (humanism).
    It is the most wicked time in history in two ways 1/ Obvious apparent evil and 2/ It is also the most self-righteous time as well.

    Hope I haven’t been too all over the place for you to follow 🙂

  2. Thank You James Japan.
    THE UNITED NATION fits the DESCRIPTIONS OF THE 1ST BEAST OF REVELATION 13. The 1st Beast has 7 heads and 10 horns. In the United Nation EMPIRE, it includes all the 7 Continents of the World and 7 countries of the World most POwERFUL Super Powers. i.e the 7 Heads of the Beast of Revelation 13. The United Nation will soon divide the world into 10 Economic Regions i.e the 10 Horns on the Beast of Revelation 13. The first horn of the Beast is the European Union, which is currently developing or near completion. Praise Jesus Christ for his prophesies are unfolding during our life time. He is the one and only Supreme AND MOST POWERFUL God ABOVE all THE gods and King ABOVE all THE kings. A One World Religion and One World Government Leader will be part of the second Beast of Revelation 13. No human, no nation can fight against the UN. The UN is the strongest Empire on earth ever formed. Russia, USA, CHINA, FRANCE, BRITAIN, ARE THE MAJOR POWERS IN THE UN. BUT JESUS CHRIST WILL DEFEAT TWO BEAST EMPIRES AND SATAN, IN THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON. THIS IS ANOTHER 2000 YEARS OLD PROPHECY COMING TRUE. VICTORY TO THE HOLY SPIRIT IN JESUS CHRIS, whom is ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD. NO NEED TO FEAR THE TWO 2 BEASTS AND SATAN FOR THEY CANNOT DESTROY OUR SOULS, because, ONLY JESUS CAN DESTROY BOTH BODY AND SOUL. THE requirement to be on His side is to believe in JESUS CHRIST AS THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD. PERSECUTIONS ARE PART OF OUR FAITH IN CHRIST. THE 2nd BEAST WILL MAKE FALSE MIRACLES TO SEND FIRE FROM SPACE TO EARTH, AND WILL DECEIVE ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH TO BELIEVE IN THEM, AND WORSHIP THE 1ST BEAST.THANK YOU DR HAL LINDSEY, Perry Stone, Pastor Haggee, Jack Van Impe

  3. UNIITED NATIONS EMPIRE IS THE ANTI-CHRIST. According to Revelation 13, the 1st Beast has 7 heads and 10 horns. The United Nations Empire includes all the 7 continents of the World. The UN is soon to divide the world into 10 Economic Regions. Never in the history of this world, that an empire is able to rule the whole world like the UN Empire. (Since the Tower of Babel) Almost all the nations had surrendered all their powers and authorities to the UN Empire, without the consent, of their people. The Club of Rome, had already approved through the UN Empire, to divide the world into 10 Economic Regions. This is the 10 Horns of the 1st Beast of Revelation 13. The first of these 10 Regions is the European Union. Once the EU, becomes successful economically, then the OTHER 9 Regions will be implemented, and established. The leaders of these 10 Regions, will be appointed from the UN. But according to Revelation 13, that one of the 7 heads, of the 1st Beast will be severely wounded, and it will appear to be dying. But the wound will recover and the head will live again. This is talking about the Antarctica Continent. The Antarctica is being defrosted by the scientists, through THE HAARP EQUIPMENTS, that are owned by the SUPER POWERS in the UN Empires. And it will cause WORLD environmental chaos. But they will fix it again AND REVERSE THE CLIMATE THROUGH the HAARP weapons. THE ANTARCTICA will be back to normal AGAIN. Once we have the 10 economic regions, there will be another World Empire, THAT will be born. It will be known as the NOW EMPIRE. We will have a One world Religions, and have a One World political leader, ruling the whole world. The NWO is the second Beast of Revelation 13. The NWO EMPIRE will force every human beings, whose name is not on the Book of Life, to worship the IMAGE OF THE 1ST Beast, which is the IMAGE OF THE UNITED NATIONS EMPIRE. According to revelation 13 the Anti- Christ is not a man, but an EMPIRE. We have a leader in the UN, but is not the anti-christ. We will have a leader in the NOW, but will not be the anti-christ. THE ANTI-CHRIST IS THE UNITED NATIONS EMPIRE, BECAUSE THE NWO EMPIRE WILL FORCE PEOPLE TO WORSHIP THE UNITED NATIONS IMAGE. THE UN IMAGE, will be is the image OF THE BEAST WHOSE DEADLY WOUND HAD FULLY HEALED. Through the UN, SATAN has been able to change everything. The UN had already change the political laws for every country, established the world economic system, world military, world environmental laws, selecting the political leaders of our countries etc….They are using false flags, 9/11, GMOs, chemtrails, haarp, ufo’s, cold wars, social engineering, geo-engineering, media, tsunamis, earthquakes and all natural disasters, depopulation etc… to create fear and create solutions. They even create Communism against Democracies. The Western Countries vs The Eastern Countries. In any Cold War, USA and Russia never directly fight with each other, but they wrecked the country they fight over with great damages. It also allows them, to dump their older ammunition and mines. These things, enable them to gain control of the world. Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus the one and only true God, the UN and the NWO fits the descriptions of the 2 beasts of REVELATION 13. Please hold on to your faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. The Illuminati, Satanism, Occultism, Zionist, freemasons, new age, and Satan are behind the UN setup. Christians can’t stop the Anti-Christ, because, it is a biblical prophecy, that must be fulfilled. Russia, USA, CHINA, BRITAIN, FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY AND ALL THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD are all members of the UN Empire. The governments are all being used by Satan for his evil purposes to establish his Kingdom from Jerusalem. They set up Hitler to kill the Jews, so Israel can become a Nation again. Their aim is to rule from Jerusalem after the Rapture, through the NOW EMPIRE, and establish the One World Religion and the One World Political Leader.

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