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Political Language Explained — 2 Comments

  1. Yes James, it is as is shown in your post! And I’ll add a little more: So Called Human rights (coming from UN) is all about forfeiting our rights to the state that it may have total control and authority even over our consciences. Of course God will never let us off the hook there and that’s why we can trust him and not the state. It is God’s GOODWILL that motivates him to get us to surrender to his will and be saved. The things I am speaking of in my little discourse are very much on my heart at the moment as in New Zealand where I live, the wicked who are in power are moving down the road to bring in same sex marriage. Of course the homosexuals are just being USED to break down and disintegrate our society even more than it already is – the wicked are very motivated to this end. The authority in the home has already been destroyed in New Zealand by the anti smacking law and and other wicked devices against wholesome family life.

    Its very clear that the devil dosen’t want any contestants to his authority and worship in this world – “the god of this world.” He is seeking to destroy everything wholesome and good in our world.

    Just one last thought related to a word that I used “conscience.” This is a word that use to be used in peoples vocabulary a lot when I was growing up. I think we need to be quite deliberate in using words like this in our every day conversation – hopefully to the spiritual health of others around us.

    So addition to your list is:
    Human rights – Slavery to the world system so that you have no soul.

    Thanks James 🙂

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