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Disinformation Agents of the New World Order – David Icke, Alex Jones, Zeitgeist, etc. — 18 Comments

  1. I am inclined to agree. While I’ve studied Icke’s ideas in depth and I listen to Jones regularly, I certainly don’t swallow everything they cast out there. Something in my gut just doesn’t sit right. Conversely, people like Kent Hovind are locked up in jail. I followed Kent for years before the “tax scandal” broke, and I honestly wasn’t surprised at all. Not because I think he is a genuine charlotan, but because I knew somebody saying what he was saying surely had a target painted on him. In this world of information and disinformation, it’s certainly taxing to sort it all out. In the end, I think guys like Chuck Missler, Stanley Montieth, and Kent Hovind were more genuine and consistent in their message.

  2. I am of likewise with Icke and Jones, why do neither mention the Jesuits and the Knights of Malta. If they were genuine and not NWO puppets, they’d be either dead or in jail. Bill Cooper was killed, as was David Kelly of the UK government.

    • I don’t think Alex is an agent. Alex has many followers and if they kill him, people would ask and start believing that he was right

      • I share opinion of the man who posted on http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread915857/pg1

        Yes, I know this has been presented on ATS before but now that Alex Jones has showed his crazy face on national television on the Piers Morgan show, we can all now assume this he is in fact a CIA disinformation agent. Just look at the guy. If he was in actuality trying to bring to light any sufficient amount of credibility of the information that he was trying to expose to his side or point of view, or lack thereof, he would have acted in a much calmer, assertive way rather than revealing what his true purpose was that of sabotaging the intelligence that many of us have obtained through diligent and intuitive research through means of seeing through all the BS. He may present many truths but if he was actually trying to turn this all around in one fell swoop he wouldn’t have started freaking out and going on his random tangents. He really does seem like a disinformation agent and he makes those who really do make a valiant effort of getting the truth out seem just as crazy as he is. Although, a lot of what he does say may be true it makes the rest of us look like total quacks.

    • David Icke has in fact written in detail about the Jesuit/ Vatican and the Knights of Malta connection, check the Phantom Self and The Perception Deception.

  3. I listen to jones a few times a month. some of his news is fairly helpful and accurate but he does not go any higher than rothschilds, bildenberger, etc. I never hear him talk about the jesuits, vatican, etc. he also claims to be a Christian but many, many things he says are so anti Christ, and I have heard him slip on some things he says as they were so outrageous as no Christian would ever say such things. he may very well be there for the government to pin infowars followers as nutty because he intentionally scripts his crazy act. thanks for the other news references

    • Thank you, Elijah, for your input. I know people who have listened to Alex Jones and have been negatively influenced by him. For example, Jones’ support of Ron Paul. I myself used to think that Ron Paul was a good guy, but later I found he is really serving Vatican aims! My post about Ron Paul http://jamesjpn.net/conspiracy/government/politics/is-ron-paul-a-freemason wondering if he is a Freemason or not elicited quite a negative respond from an Alex Jones fan! But I think the person with his background and education should have known better. Four years later he conceded that he was deceived about Ron Paul. And who deceived him? Alex Jones!

  4. also, jones bashes any Christian who believes in the Rapture. A true Christian would never bash another Christian on views such as pre, mid, or post-trib he always says he is not killed because it would show that he is right on everything.

  5. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Eric Jon Phelps says but his book Vatican Assassins is a phenomenal read and probably the best expose on the Jesuit’s and Vatican in years. I don’t think your ever going to fully agree with everything a person says as we are all fallible human beings. But I think to disregard all of Eric’s work is a mistake because despite his mistakes his book Vatican Assassin’s is a masterpiece expose on the Jesuit Order and Vatican.

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