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Seven Events Evangelicals Think Will Happen But Won’t — 1 Comment

  1. James

    Thanks for publishing this.

    A note about the third article of your “… beliefs in a nutshell”: Should read, “Who died on a cross made of wood”.

    By the way, I am thinking about your beliefs in a nutshell and wondering if I might post it in an abridged manner on my site. Along the border area for many years the Catholic Church has been infiltrating fledgling and developed non-denominational, and we have been talking and praying about just such a message for those we want to bring deeper into our confidence.

    I had thought that the first statement should be a renouncement of Catholicism and the Pope — a difficult hurdle for many here — as prelude for autonomous, self-governing, Spirit-led home fellowship. What do YOU think?

    Once we bound over that hurdle, we can move forward.

    Love in Christ,

    Mike and Karen

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