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Daniel’s Seventy Weeks — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks for this very precise informations with the references. That’s great. I am still meditating on this. I wish to know though why exactly Jesus started his ministry when he was 30, is there any reference? This idea of preaching the Gospels to the Jews first is a constant in the Bible, right or wrong, the Jews first, the physical ? Isn’it a constant also to expose a physical fulfillment with its spiritual fulfillment ?
    I wish you could say a few words on the Universality of the message, the Universality of the Word because the Universal Human Rights are based on that, it is based on what we deserve whether it’s a reward (a salary) or a punishment. Jesus was hanged between 2 criminals and only one had his conscience quickened as he not only confessed how evil he had been and he deserved HIS punishment but also and this is very important he expresses that he CANNOT accept the deal, how could he accept that an innocent could pay for HIS crimes and this is God’s deal with me and us! It’s not an easy deal! Thanks a lot!

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