My name is James Arendt but some people also know me as “James Japan.” More about me. See also the site mission statement.

Tess and James

My Desktop PC without a case!

My Desktop PC without a case!

On May 5th, 2018, I moved from Japan to Guam and married Teresita from the Philippines! Now we are presently renting a room in the village of Barrigada. All of Guam is divided into villages!

My Desktop PC was too heavy to bring to Guam with the case, and so I removed all the parts and left the case in Japan. I found a reasonably priced PC case in a shop. The cost is $59.99. Because I am currently unemployed, I cannot afford to buy one now. If any of my readers wish to donate this money so I can buy I PC case, I would greatly appreciate it! You can send via PayPal to:

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My interest is reading American and European history, especially from 19th century and earlier Protestant Christian authors, and especially about the Jesuit Order, the Popes and the Roman Catholic influence on America and the world. I believe knowing the past helps one to better understand the present. Some of my views about the secret government that controls the visible world governments.

Website Mission

I hope to point you to books written by good and God fearing men and women, authors who have done much investigative research in order to discern truth from the lies fed to the world today by the power elite. The purpose is to give you an education you will hardly find anywhere else. Knowledge is power! The Bible in Hosea 4:6a says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: If you want to study about the New World Order conspiracy, don’t just watch Youtube videos about it, read some books! “What books?” you ask? You can start with the list of books on this website.

I recommend 16th to 19th century authors and a couple of early 20th century authors such as Jeremiah J. Crowley and L. H. Lehmann. Their books contain the real history of the author’s day, and not mere school textbook history which is often biased by the educators who wrote it. For example, on this site you can learn the facts about Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, and who really was behind it based on testimonials of people who actually knew Lincoln face to face such as Charles Chiniquy who wrote ““Fifty Years in the Church of Rome” which is on another website I linked to. There is only one fairly recent book I recommend which was published in 1999, “Rulers of Evil” by F. Tupper Saussy. He correctly identifies the problem and what to do about it.

During the time I lived in Japan from 1998 to 2018, I used to hitchhike nearly everywhere I went, I hitchhike. In 2016 I hitchhiked to various parts of Japan, specifically to Aomori Prefecture, the Kanto area (Tokyo, Saitama, Tochigi and Chiba), Nagano Prefecture and the Kansai area (Osaka & Kobe) to work on various job to earn money to support myself and pay for the hosting of this website which is about $150 US per year. As I sit next to the driver who picked me up, I share with him or her the Gospel of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. Unlike North Americans or the average native English speaker, most of the Japanese people have never heard it even once in their lives.

Besides making websites, I am a translator from Japanese to English and visa versa. I translated a booklet into Japaneswe from Answers in Genesis called, Was there really a Noah’s Ark and Flood?. The link it on my Deep Truths website and the text is both in English and Japanese. If you know any Japanese speakers, please share it with them!

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